Kim and Kanye Relationship HOT TAKE!

Kanye and Kim have gone through a divorce and he is causing a scene any chance he can.


David Shankbone, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Kanye is an out of control and he needs help to manage his Bipolar disorder.

Many people talk about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s terrible relationship and divorce. They had four kids together, North, Chicago, Psalm, and Saint. Kim and Kanye got a divorce and soon after she got together with Pete Davidson. Pete Davidson was a lot younger than Kim, and nobody seemed to think that they would last. Kanye was very against this relationship, obviously because he still wanted to be with Kim but he able didn’t want Pete to be around his kids. Soon after the relationship became public, Kanye started slandering Pete and Kim on public social media. Not only did this get out of control very quickly, but Kanye also moved in across the street from Kim. Kanye has caused a lot of attention to this relationship and overall is not handling the situation well.

Kim is talking to reporters for a Podcast.

Now Pete and Kim are not together but the slander keeps going on. Kim keeps asking Kanye to please stop and he doesn’t seem to care. Personally, I feel bad for the kids because this isn’t showing a very father figure to their kids. His actions are showing how bipolar he is, and I think will eventually push the kids away from him due to his actions.

Kanye started his own school and now is mad at Kanye because Kim won’t let their kids attended his school. He has now been posting about the problems that they have been having due to this. Overall I think that Kanye is hurting him and the family’s relationship and if he wont stop then he wont be able to see them anymore.