The Latest LHS Lunch Changes

What’s going on with the ridiculous changes that have recently been made to our lunch schedule?!


Noah Amor

Reactions to the new changes are taken differently from many.

There have been new changes made to the lunch schedule at Lafayette High School. What was once an extended, fun lunch, has now been shortened. A feeling similar to being stabbed in the heart, the news to the school hit about two weeks ago and devastated students. How are we as a class, as a school, supposed to recover from this? Honestly, I’m not sure. We have no answer. It seems like everything is going downhill at this point.

What a fantastic senior year.

This is utterly ridiculous.

Students are very upset with the new lunch rules (Noah Amor)

Lunch began at a 30 minute period, which is the perfect amount for a lunch break. If you’d really like to, you could split eating for 15 minutes and speaking for the other 15. Now, five minutes have been stripped away from us. An uneven balance of 25 minutes makes things much more difficult and crammed. This executive decision might have more consequences and affects on students than the decision makers realize. Because of this tweak to the schedule, students are beginning to panic. Fear fills the halls at the thought of less time to do what they’d like to do.

Students are puzzled to see how crowded the lunches are…with such short time! (Noah Amor)

The only positive to come out of this is that there is now less time for bullying. LHS does not condone ANY bullying, and the lunch room is a perfect opportunity to do just that. Perhaps that’s what Mr. Rice was thinking when he made this decision (if he was the one who made it in the first place; no names have been revealed as to who’s idea this was, most likely to protect them from extreme verbal aggression). In the end, the sun will come out in the morning, so as Kanye West once said…we gon’ be ight!