Dear Freshmen…

Welcome freshmen! Your four years as a Lafayette Ram will be unforgettable. Here are my tips to make it count.


Logan Oliver

Rams love football games. We love school spirit even more! Show your Ram Pride and come out to our next game!

You may be wandering the halls and trying to figure out how to become more involved at LHS. So, I am here to tell you about what you can join as a freshmen and how to make the most of your freshmen year.

Spirit Week is so much fun, it happens the week of homecoming! Don’t be afraid to dress up and show your silly side.

To begin, let’s talk about what to join. Fall semester sport tryouts have already concluded, but there was Volleyball, Cross Country, Cheer, Field Hockey, Golf, and Football tryouts. Next fall if you’re interested be sure to keep an eye out for those tryouts! As we approach the Winter we have a new round of sports such as: Indoor track, swimming, wrestling, basketball, and basketball cheer. There are many groups within theatre that you can check out like the One Act and

The pink out game is one of everyone’s favorite themes. Each football game has a different theme, make sure to dress appropriately!

Spring Musical! At Lafayette, we have so many clubs… SO many clubs. I won’t name them all, but I will go through some of the most popular. Model UN, SCA, Open-Mindedness Club, Key Club, Scholastic Bowl, Mock Trial, and E-sports club are some of the most popular. As you can see, there are plenty of clubs throughout the school and plenty for you to join if you look into them.

So how can you make the most of your freshmen year? My biggest piece of advice, and the recurring theme of this article, is to be involved! Go to football and basketball games and participate in the cheers! Join the sport even if you’re afraid of not being the best, join the club that looks interesting with your friends. Talk to the person next to you, talk to people as you walk to class, get to know your classmates! These are the people that you are with for the next four years, become comfortable with them and make an effort to get to know people even if it seems nerve-wracking at first.

Make the effort to attend events and to meet people, it makes the biggest difference. High School is so much fun if you put the effort in to make it fun and surround yourself with people you have fun with!