Tiktoker, Addison Rae’s mom and new upcoming rapper Yung Gravy?

What’s with all the drama surrounding Sheri Easterling, Yung Gravy, Monti Lopez, and Addison Rae?


Yung Gravy, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Yung Gravy tries to stay out of drama by declining boxing match.

The MTV VMA’s!

After making their red-carpet debut, Yung Gravy and Sheri Easterling are officially official. You may be wondering, “Who are these people?”

People who have been anywhere on the internet this past month will be familiar with the culprits and watched the scandal go down. These two come from different worlds but connected through social media. Yung Gravy is an up-and-coming American rapper who blew up on the popular app Tiktok when he released “Betty” and started a trend with the song. Yung Gravy’s other songs have also blown up on Tiktok a few times. “Mr. Clean”, “Gravy Train Down Memory Lane”, and “Whip a Tesla”, are so far his most popular songs besides “Betty”. Sheri Easterling is the mother of Addison Rae, a Tiktoker that blew up in 2019. Sheri was going through a divorce with Monty Lopez, who had cheated on her. According to celebsuburb, Monty and Sheri had been previously separated but then gotten back together for good in 2017.

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Monty Lopez tries to fight his ex-wife’s new lover.

Yung Gravy is known for enjoying older woman. In fact, that is indeed a big part of his brand. Therefore, it was no surprise to his fans when he showed up to the MTV VMA’s with Sheri. On the other hand, it was a huge shock to the Tiktok community and Sheri’s own fan base. Many fans do not believe Sheri would go for such a younger man and believe that this was all a publicity stunt. According to bolnews, Gravy’s close friend revealed that it is all a PR relationship even though they say it is not. If it is a publicity act, why would Gravy publicly defend Sheri in a mature way? Before they made their debut, Yung Gravy made a statement on social media stating that he would like to take Sheri out on a date. After seeing what Gravy said, Monty challenged him to a boxing match. Monty continued the drama by posting a threatening Tiktok. Gravy didn’t feed into the boxing drama and simply stated that he did not know she was taken at the time.

Many fans have been wondering how Addison has been doing with all this drama surrounding her parents. She has unfollowed both of her parents, so she does not have to see the posts and comments. She unfollowed her dad first when the cheating allegations came about, and her mother once she continued to flirt with the young rapper.

Monty responded to Sheri and Yung Gravy’s post with a picture of himself shirtless with the caption, “Unbothered” and “Thanks for taking my leftovers”. Addison finds this all immature and disrespectful. According to etonline, Addison is embarrassed of her parents. With both of them dating someone so close to her own age, she simply feels weird and needed to remove herself from this situation.

(Fun but actually sad fact, Renee Ashe (who Monty cheated on Sheri with), actually looks similar to Addison.)

Renee Ashe had been mislead by Monty when he told her that he and his wife were separated and not together. Ashe publicly apologized on Instagram to her fans and to Sheri even though she did not know she was doing anything wrong. Ashe says that she needs time to grow, and she is proud of herself for coming forward with her story.

Addison is the daughter of Sheri.

Sheri reported to a source that she is scared of Monty and even though it might look funny to the public eye, it has become very serious. He enjoys people thinking that he is crazy. Even though she played a role in pushing Addison away by publicly dating Yung Gravy, Sheri also blamed Monty for splitting her and her daughter up to begin with.

When Addison started on Tiktok, she did not sign herself up for her parents getting popular on the app as well as herself. Addison’s fans really feel for her during this time. Sheri has expressed sympathy for Addison when commenting on her Instagram posts yet still is with Yung Gravy. No one knows for sure what is real or fake and what is going to happen next in the internet world regarding the new couple.