Summer Travel Destinations in The U.S.

Getting ready to bury your feet in the sand and try new foods?These are some of our favorite destinations that are perfect for this summer.


Dru Hanson

The traveling doesn’t need to start later. We are already on our way to the first travel destination in South Carolina.

Summer is on the way and everyone is excited for their time off. Whether you want to sleep in, get a tan, go sight seeing, or just go with the flow, here are our top ten places to visit. There is a wonderful mixture of beaches, places to party, and beautiful city’s to look at.

One great travel destination is Charleston, South Carolina. Charleston has great scenery, restaurants, and historical sites, which attracts many tourists.  It is considered to be one of America’s greatest small city. You can even go to one of the six beaches in the area that touch the Atlantic Ocean. It is a great place for families to go and visit because of all the fun activities for the adults and children to enjoy.

Feeling the cool ocean breeze while watching the beautiful sunset on the beach of Outer Banks is a core memory that will last a lifetime.

A little North of Charleston, in North Carolina, is the Outer Banks. This collection of beaches is one of America’s most popular places to go. They have beautiful views of the ocean and sky, the water is just right, and the sand is perfect for building sand castles. Restaurants in this area have amazing food because there is such a wide variety. Of course if you enjoy seafood, you can go just about anywhere and find great food. Aside from regular meals, everyone loves tasty treats; bakeries, ice cream, and Italian ice, you name it and you can find it. You don’t even have to worry about finding a hotel room because there are always Airbnb’s available on the coast of the beach. All around, this is an amazing spot to visit whether you need a Summer Vacation spot or just a weekend get away.

Another beautiful destination is Cocoa Beach, Florida. There are a variety of different types of activities to do such as waterparks, bike rentals, museums, and amazing shopping centers. Many people go just for the amazing beach that is right on the Atlantic Ocean. A fun thing to do would rent a house on the beach for a week and stay there with friends and family.

Down south of Cocoa Beach is Key West, Florida. The Key West is a chain of Islands that curves southwestward for almost 220 miles. There are 44 islands with 42 bridges connecting them. It is the southernmost city in the United States. Many people visit for the amazing coral reefs, watersports, historic sites, and beaches. In fact, Key West is home to the third largest barrier coral reef in the world.

Yellow Stone’s very own grand canyon right in front of you. Taking a hike through this would be such an amazing sight to see. All of the eye catching birds flying through the trees building their nests.

One of the most beautiful and famous national parks, Yellowstone National Park, is another great summer destination. All the way in Wyoming, it is home of the treasured natural beauty and geysers. You can go watch the geysers erupt and go skyrocketing in the air hundreds of feet. However, you must be careful because the water is boiling hot, but it is a very intriguing process. Aside from the geysers, the park is full of gorgeous plants and animals. The Mammoth Hot Springs is a place to visit because it has a unique feature of terracing in the rocks. Yellowstone also has its own grand canyon. Going on a nice long hike would be perfect for visiting the canyon because of the hills and river at the very bottom.

On the West Coast of the United States is the ravishing state of Oregon. In Oregon is the Haystack Rock, at Cannon Beach. What is most interesting about this beach is the rock formations in the water and on the shore. There is a massive rock with a bunch of smaller rocks that you can visit. Not only do the rocks look cool, but the view of the sky is spectacular. The sky turns so many different colors and you can get the best pictures for your family portraits.

While walking through the crowded streets of New York City, we got to see the Empire State Building from a distance. Next stop will be the front of thee building.

The big apple: New York City, is home to over 8 million people. This city is so jam packed because of all the tourists and residents, but don’t let that bother you. Having a New York style pizza is the best way to start off your trip. Their pizza has the perfect amount of cheese and a flavor that will last a lifetime. Next on that list is visiting the Statue of Liberty of course. This old landmark from the 19th century symbolizes the freedom of our country and is just absolutely breath taking. Now, remember King Kong? He climbed the Empire State building, which is another perfect place to stop and visit. It is a huge sky scraper and sitting there admiring how they put that piece of beauty together will go through your mind all day. One last thing to stop and visit is Central Park. Take a stroll around the park and admire the beauty and sound of the city.

The Grand Canyon is one of the most famous landmarks in the United States. It’s located in Northern Arizona and is the 15th site in the United States to be named a national park. The Grand Canyon is 270 miles long, 18 miles wide, and is a mile deep. It is a great travel destination for people who enjoy outdoor activities and exploring. Lafayette sophomore student, Mattie Smith, spoke on the idea of the Grand Canyon being a summer travel destination. “I have never been to the Grand Canyon, but I would love to go,” she said in response. “The Summer would be an amazing time to go because you can stay for an extended time and not worrying about being back on time,” Mattie added.

Here is the beautiful diverse city of New Orleans where they play all types of instruments as you walk down the street. This is also where you can find all of the tasty foods just when taking a stroll.

Louisiana is home of the great city, New Orleans. Here is where they hold the yearly festival Mardi Gras, which is a must go. At the festival they have super fun music and parades, people dancing around in costumes, and bright colors all around. Aside from the event they hold in between February and March, this is home of the famous Popeyes fried chicken, so make sure you go try some from there. One of the sweeter treats that originated from here are beignets, which are a type of fritter pastry covered in powdered sugar. Those are one of the first things to try and you will fall in love. One last thing to do is take a tour of the Bayou. The Bayou is a swamp, river that leads to the Gulf of Mexico and if you have never seen an alligator, this is the place you will do so.

The last travel destination on the list is Maui, Hawaii. Maui is an amazing travel destination for anyone. There are a variety of different activities for if you’re with family, friends, or spouse. One of the biggest activities to do is water sports. If you want to go sightseeing you can visit Haleakala National Park, but the most loved Maui attraction is The Road to Hana. Boat rentals, scuba diving, surfing, and kayaking are other great activities to enjoy. Lafayette student, Jaelyn Palmer, has strong opinions about Maui, Hawaii. “It would be a great travel destination,” she said. “I have never gone, but I do want to go to Hawaii one day. I think they have the Disney resort that would be fun to stay at,” Jaelyn added.