Countdown – Most Played Songs Of 2022!

2022 has overall been a wild ride, People have made some amazing friends, made some enemies, but most importantly have listened to both new and old music.

Florian Fuchs/Wikipedia/CC-BY-SA 3.0, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

2022 has overall been a wild ride, People have made some amazing friends, made some enemies, but most importantly have listened to both new and old music. The Music That has been selected below goes over all of the music that I have listened to on repeat since January.

January Songs

Britney Spears (Glenn_Francis)

The start of January was a slow burner but not much of a problem In my personal life and it was in a constant dance party in my head so I decided to pick one of the best songs I’ve listened to in January and was that of Gimme More by The Princess Of Pop, Britney Spears. This song is off of her seminal album ‘Blackout’, an album that some consider to be the best Britney Spears album in her recording career, and as such I could’ve picked other songs I liked that were on repeat in playlist like ‘What Is Love?’ by Haddaway or ‘Jumpin Jack Flash’ by The Rolling Stones, but this song in particular had me off the walls with me dancing like an idiot because of just how damn good the songs is. Other songs that I’ve also included on my list was ‘A.M’ by One Direction, ‘Go Gina’ by SZA, and ‘C.r.e.a.m’ by Wu Tang Clan.


February Songs

Usher (Ames Friedman)

February was a very fast month in my experience, it felt like the month flew by in a flash and for some reason I was listening to a lot of rap and R&B music with many songs but one of the songs I loved playing around this time was ‘Yeah!’ by Usher Ft. Ludacris and Lil’ Jon. This song is a total classic with it’s iconic beat and Usher and Lil’ Jon’s “Yeah!” Adlibs make the song what is. It’s an iconic 2000’s bop that is usually suggested at school dances like ‘Low’ by Flo Rida and ‘Get Low’ by East Side Boyz. Another song that’s been included was Leona Lewis’s ‘Bleeding Love’ which I also sang at Lafayette’s Talent On The Water show and Rihanna’s ‘SOS’ was also a big contender in taking the first spot on this list.


March Music Madness!

Lady Gaga In A 2016 Interview (Picasa)

March Madness was indeed very chaotic, with the most school drama happening in my life was occurring around this time, but the music I admire really kept me going during these hardships. ‘Hair’ By Lady Gaga constantly kept me on my feet and dancing my ass off with the dubstep breakdown after the chorus and the message of the song sometimes brings me to tears upon listening. Lady Gaga has time and time again to prove herself to be so versatile and so Electric with her music and the emotion she carries with some of her songs never disappoints me. My other songs I’ve listened to in March was a lot of Euro-pop/rock type music with Kim Petras’s ‘Throat Goat’ being an addicting listen and The Bangles’s ‘Walk Like An Egyptian’ Was also a song that I couldn’t stop listening to and Radiohead’s ‘Karma Police’ was a very bizarre relaxing experience.


April Rainy Day Music

Icelandic Singer Björk In 1995’s Post Era (Screenshot By Oldenburg, Grace)

April was also, much like February, a very slow month. It was so dull that I reminisce the only thing that came out of the slow moving April was music. The music that fascinates me the most would have to be a lot of Avant-Garde and R&B. Icelandic Singer Björk is a wonderful find when it comes to great Euro music with her track  ‘Army Of Me’ off of her seminal 1995 Album, ‘Post’ was my most played song of April. With it’s thumping Locrian beat in the beginning of the track, to the themes of annoyance towards someone who has given up on everything. This song really is special to me because of how Björk’s aggressive vocals carry the song’s Trip-hop influence very acutely and the atmosphere around the song brings it to life.

My other most played songs in April were 80’s glam band Dead Or Alive’s ‘You Spin Me Right Round (Like A Record)’ and it’s infamous chorus being both remembered and sampled on Flo Rida’s ‘Right Round’, R&B 90’s group Jamiroquai’s future prophesized song ‘Virtual Insanity’ makes me feel like I’m outer space for some reason, and underrated R&B goddess Kelela’s five minute opener ‘Frontline’ make April a little less boring as it was.

May’s Final Playlist

The Pretty Reckless (Screenshot by Oldenburg, Grace)

Rock Music was that one genre that always made me feel like a badass. The way the heavy guitars ripple through the beginning of the songs is so riveting to say the least and in a way, brings so much theme to a lot of my projects I’ve done this past school year. One of the songs and bands I have chosen is ‘Only Love Can Save Me Now’ by The Pretty Reckless. This Soundgarden influenced mantra begins with a grunge type of sound that upon listen, I imagine it would be the first song on a soundtrack to a dark-gothic film like “The Crow’. With it’s theme of losing lead singer, Taylor Momsen’s heroes, Chris Cornell The guitars and lyrics brings this song about death back to life.

Another song I’ve included is ‘Champagne Supernova’ by Oasis and it’s seven minute conclusion to their sophomore studio album (‘What’s The Story?) Morning Glory? Then, other songs that are included on this list would be the nostalgic driven ‘Closing Time’ by Semisonic and the female empowerment banger ‘Volcano Girls’ by Veruca Salt. These songs on my list really make Junior year special to me for this specific reason, Music is a safe space. And As the year draws to an end I can humbly say that this year was an experience I’ll never forget.