The Historic Triangle in Photos

A photo essay of some of my favorite places in Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Yorktown (featuring my dog)


Courtesy of Andy Fisher

My dog and I walking along one of the many beaches off of the Colonial Parkway.

In honor of the end of my high school years in the Historic Triangle, I thought I would reflect back on my time in the area. As a tribute, I have complied a collection of photos from the last four years I have spent exploring the natural beauty of Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Yorktown with my dog. During the height of the pandemic, taking my dog for walks with my Dad was one of the few safe activities do to outside of the house. As a result, my Dad, resident of Williamsburg for eighteen years now and daily dog walker, said: “I feel I’ve come to appreciate the area more.” He also taken advantaged of some of the unexpected opportunities the pandemic has created, such as a more pedestrian friendly Jamestown Island after the road was closed to cars. I hope this can act as a guide for other people looking to find more spots in the area to explore, whether for a nice walk, place to rest, or spot to eat.