Summer Activities To Do This Summer

Need ideas for the summer? Here are 6 fun ideas to do with friends or yourself!


Photo by Raphaël Biscaldi on Unsplash

It’s time for fun in the sun!!

It’s that time of year where the sun starts getting warmer. Summer is on it’s way.

Summer is making it’s way here. Outside is beginning to feel hotter. All that’s left is end of the year testing and the last few school assignments. After that, it is time for days in the sun. The only issue is…you don’t know what you want to fill your summer with and you want to live summer to the fullest. Try these six summer ideas!

Three activities you could do with friends is create a game of paint twister, make a DIY slip n’ slide, and host a movie night. For the paint twister: you and your friends can play outside in the grass. Place the twister game mat in a section of grass. For the paint portion of the game, you could use washable paint or acrylic paint to place on the spots. Blue paint on the blue dots, red on red and so on. Everyone could wear clothes they don’t mind getting dirty, or, to make it extra fun, everybody  can wear all white. To play, it’s the basic rules of the Twister game. With 2 or more friends, one person spins the spinner while the others play the game.

All you need a simple tarp, a sprinkler and friends to have fun. As easy as that!

The second activity you could do is a DIY slip n’ slide. This is great for when it is hot outside! All you would need is a tarp, sprinkler and, if you wanted, dish soap. Find a spot to place and secure your tarp. Place your sprinkler over the tarp and turn on. If you wanted dish soap, squeeze the soap all over the tarp before turning the sprinkler on. One friend could be in charge of the water hose, the other could be in charge of making sure the tarp is secure in the ground, or you can all do one task together.  I can guarantee you it’s cheaper than a store bought slip n’ slide and fun to make too. Your friends could do a certain task in the making of the slip n’ slide.

The last activity to do with friends is to host a movie night. This one is the easiest out of the three. Invite a few friends over and have

Bring out blankets and set up a movie night with friends. It could look as similar as this photo here.

everyone vote on a movie. You and your friends can wear their favorite pajamas and bring blankets. Popcorn can be popped. Snacks and drinks can be brought out for everyone to enjoy. The location could be in your living room, in a tent, outside on your driveway or in your backyard.

Three activities you could do on your own is read a book of your choice outside in a hammock, on a lawn chair, or on a picnic blanket. This is a great way to enjoy the sun and still be able to relax. The choice of book could be a book you own, borrowed from the library, or on your phone in the form of an eBook. No stress about this activity. It’s easy and relaxing!

The second activity could be to try a new hobby. That hobby could be baking, painting, crafting, or writing. Summer time is a great time to experiment with new hobbies. You may find a new spark of interest this way…or you may not. At least you tried hobbies you wouldn’t have done before. What’s awesome about experimenting is that if you don’t like the hobby you don’t have to continue doing that hobby. Not all hobbies could be meant for you.

To make your room spiced up, you could craft yourself some decorations. It’s fun and creative.

The third activity during the summer could be to re-arrange or re-decorate your room. You have all summer to spice up the way your room looks. Move your furniture around!  You could even buy more décor to place around your room to decorate. The décor doesn’t even need to be expensive, you could be crafty and use craft supplies to make decorations. You could paint on your closet door or your bedroom door. Another way to re-arrange could be to organize your closet! Your closet could be a reading nook or a place to put storage. Be creative with this and have fun!

Whether or not you want to do any of these activities this summer is all up to you,  after all it is your summer. Make it a great one! Just remember to have fun and have an amazing summer.