The Beauty of Ireland

A special little Celtic island

Irish country side looking quite pretty.

Beautiful vistas all around, long flowing Irish grass, and large breathtaking rock structures as far as the eye can see. This is the sight you’ll see all throughout this beautiful country. Ireland is well known for they’re landscapes and that’s perfectly understandable however, this country is just so much more.

Ireland is rich in culture as well. I mean they have their own global holiday, after all, so let’s start with that. St. Patrick’s day has been a cultural celebration for many many decades now. The original reason for St. Patrick’s day was to celebrate the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. Nowadays the way of celebrating has changed a bit and so has the message however for some the reason of celebration is still kept. Many around the world only see St. Patrick’s day as a way to get drunk, wear green, and party; which is perfectly fine y’know, more power to you. But St. Patrick’s day isn’t the only thing that makes Ireland Ireland.

Serene Castle Wading on a Calm Lake.

Ireland also is in general just a very very nice country. Nice means many things and with Ireland it pretty much fits every definition of it. The people here are very lovely and welcoming and truly are mostly nice. Now even though their accents are a bit hard to understand sometimes yes but I promise you most of the time they’re saying something nice to you. The Irish people are heavily influenced by Gaelic culture, they have many rooted traditions that are influenced by it.

Flags of Ireland and of the Ivory Coast

Ireland is a democracy at its heart. Ireland is a constitutional republic, the system of government is a parliamentary system. The Oireachtas is the national parliament, it is composed of the president of Ireland, then the 2 houses. First, there is the Seanad Eireann aka Senate, then there’s the Dail Eireann aka the house of representatives. This form of government is very similar to that of the US however in my opinion it runs a bit smoother as there is more national unity compared to what the US has nowadays which honestly isn’t much. It has a very unique national identity, rich in patriotism and affinity for things related to Celtic culture. Irelands patriotism may not be as apparent as a place such as the US where pretty much every step you take there’s a US flag but it is still just as rich and rooted in Ireland.

Within Ireland social norms and hierarchies are typically frowned upon. There is an emphasis on egalitarianism and mateship. Education doesn’t necessarily earn people respect however it does help with what you earn. Hard work and efforts are very important. Now the day to day life within Ireland id say is very similar to what you’d experience in most countries. A well developed transport system, good healthcare, well rounded well paying jobs, and just overall an experience that the people visiting and the people that live there love.