Diving into Denmark

Denmark is a naturally beautiful country, home to some of the best sights in the world. Let’s look at some of their best tourism attractions!


Moahim, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Boats in canals, colorful buildings, people riding mopeds. Denmark has incredible sights to offer and plenty of activities for people of any age.

To begin the dive, let’s talk about their language. Dansk is the official language of Denmark and it is very similar to Norwegian. The other Scandinavian languages are closely related, but they are difficult to understand and are only easily understood by people in school or people experienced in speaking the language. It is common for Danish people learned a second language, typically English.

What are some things you can do in Denmark? Well, the list is long. Denmark’s natural beauty holds many sights and wonders for everyone to see.

Full of animals for everyone to see, the Copenhagen Zoo is one of Denmark’s most loved tourist attractions. Throughout the zoo, there are different zones and areas organizing types of animals and their habitats.

To begin, let’s start in Copenhagen. Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and has the biggest population in Denmark. In Copenhagen, a popular tourism destination is their zoo. It is one of the oldest zoos in Europe, being born in 1859. It has over 27 acres of land and there are 264 different species of animas and over 3,000 animals are located in the zoo. There are various sections of the zoo, such as the Tropical Zone which has rainforest-like conditions and there is a butterfly garden and jungle animals. There is a Children’s Zoo targeted towards younger visitors and they can get very up close with animals.

Next, Thy National Park. It is the first official national park Denmark has and it spreads over 12 kilometers of land. Here, it is popular to hike and bike through the pine forests and rugged landscape. There are scenic sand dunes and beautiful sights in nature. There are over 30 species of birds that are popular among Birdwatchers.

Third, some museums! The Hans Christian Andersen Museum in Odense. Hans Christian Andersen is a famous children’s story writer and he was born in Odense. The museum is from 1908 and it goes into the story of his life and all of his work. The exhibitions include unique drawings and paintings that he created. Located around the museum, there are famous stories and listening posts. In the museum shop, you can pick up a copy of his famous stories as well. The second museum is the Maritime Museum and it was designed by Bjarke Ingels. It is in the shadow of the castle that is in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. It is located underground and it dives into Denmark’s maritime history.

Building Legos is one of everyone’s favorite activities, no matter their age. At Billund’s Legoland it is possible to see Lego creations and ride Lego-themed rides as well as design their own Lego creations.

Something that may heal your inner child or be fun to do with younger children would be Legoland. In Billund, there is a Legoland you can build a tower at. There are 25 acres of Lego themed parks and there are 40 million blocks of Lego. They have reconstructed some famous Denmark monuments and other famous world monuments. There are theme parks (Pirateland, Castleland, Duplo land) with fun rides.

For any aspiring archaeologists, there is a hunt for fossils at Stevns Klint. Stevns Klint is located in the South Zealand part of Denmark and is home to some of the most renowned fossils of the world. There is 65 million years of history behind these cliffs and you can walk by the coastline and see the sediment falling back into the water. There is a Geomuseum near to the site that explains more of the significance of the fossils.

Denmark has so many attractions for people to take advantage of on their visits. For anyone of any age, the country holds a beautiful itinerary. Overall, Denmark holds many wonders and sights that make it an A+ bucket list destination.