The Idealic Icelandic Vacation

From natural features to a unique culture- Iceland has a lot to offer.


Photo by Benjamin Suter on Unsplash

Iceland was the last place on earth to be settled by humans and that untouched beauty remains a prominent feature.

Waterfalls, artic ice, and a unique Viking history are just some of the exciting attractions Iceland offers. What Iceland has to offer can only be found in this island filled with breathtaking views. Here you can travel with peace of mind and take in all Iceland has to offer as it is well known for being the safest country in the world.

You can swim outdoors in hot springs all year round in Iceland

The Iceland ring road offers a way to tour the island and see all the beauty it has to offer up close. The road is 825 miles long and takes about one week to drive comfortably. Beautiful waterfalls, rocky beaches, and fjords can all be seen against the lush green back drop of green found in Iceland’s summer months. In winter the ring road is just as scenic and travelers may even be able to catch a glimpse of the northern lights.

Iceland’s natural beauty is world renowned, the Snaefellsjokull glacier is twin peaked and surrounded by old lava fields as it sits on a volcano on the peninsula’s tip. It is truly a special place in Iceland and it is 1 of 3 national parks that Iceland has. In fact Jules Verne’s “Journey to the Center of the Earth” was inspired by this glacier.

The south coast of Iceland is popular with tourist’s and those seeking the perfect travel photo. Iceland’s southern beaches are covered in black sand that create a stunning contrast to the turbulent seas found around the area. The most notable of these beaches is Reynisfjara which will provide the perfect opportunity to explore. While visiting these beaches be sure to avoid being too close to the water. It is forbidden to swim there because of the unpredictable currents and artic temperatures.

About 11% of Iceland is covered by glaciers

Diamond Beach is also a well known beach popular with visitors. Broken off pieces of icebergs was ashore on Diamond Beach and interact with the sunlight and famous dark sand so that the pieces of ice look like gemstones. Along with the opportunity to see the northern lights, Diamond Beach provides the opportunity for once in a lifetime photos. You might even see seals playing in the ocean.

The Blue Lagoon is well known to social media users. The geothermal spa is well known for the warm milky blue water known to be rich in minerals and beneficial bacteria. With facemasks made from mud found at the lagoon, guests can relax and enjoy the beautiful views of the volcanic peninsula where the Blue Lagoon is located. Only 14 miles from the airport this is the perfect way to begin or end your trip in Iceland just be sure to reserve your tickets in advance.

The Northern Lights can be seen in Iceland from September to March

Now that you have seen what Iceland has to offer on land, take advantage of the unique seas of the island. Being close to the artic circle Iceland is home to many cold suited friends. This includes whales and seals! There are over twenty species of whales, dolphins, and porpoises in Iceland’s waters and there are many cities to choose where to take a boat tour from. From Reykjavik and Akureyri you can take boat tours to see whales up close and personal, but if you have some sea averse members of your party their is no need to worry. Towns like Husavik offer a chance to see whales from the safety of shore.

Whatever you choose to do during your vacation in Iceland. Know that you can’t go wrong visiting such a beautiful country and island.