South Korea: What Makes It Awesome?

Some of the Best Tourist Places to Visit


Various, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The flag of South Korea is called a Taegeuk and has 4 colors, and they all mean different things: the white background stands for the land, the blue and red circle represents the people, and the 4 black trigrams represent the government

When most people hear South Korea, they think of the Korean War and the heavily militarized border with North Korea. But strip away all the military history and dictatorship of the past, and you come across a nation with a green, hilly countryside, with cherry trees and historic Buddhist temples. The mix of small coastal fishing villages and high tech cities offer plenty of opportunities, no matter what you’re into. Information and tourist destinations courtesy of VisitKorea.

South Korea is well known for its futuristic cities and beautiful skylines. This one, Seoul, has one of the prettiest skylines in the entire world

If a bustling city full of people is your cup of tea, consider one of the many seemingly futuristic cities that South Korea has to offer, such as the capital Seoul, Busan, or Gwangju. There, you will be dazzled by the twinkling lights, futuristic technology, and unbelievable food scene. In Seoul, the 500-year old Josean Kingdom collides with modern cutting edge technology. The heart of Seoul, Jongno and Gwanghwamun, is bustling and beautiful all year round. If indie bands and flea markets excite you, check out Hongdae, and take a break and relax with some shopping in Seoul’s shopping districts, Dongdaemun and Myeong-Dong. If a mix of beach and city draws your attention, sort of like Miami, then give Busan a try. It’s well known for the proximity of high rise buildings to Haeundae Beach. During the evening, the bright building lights and night beaches create a harmony like no other. Trains run along the seaside, adding to the coastal vibe. Traditional hustle-and-bustle markets and filming locations can be found all over the city.

But if a more natural vacation takes your fancy, there are plenty of options. If you’re looking for rock climbing and mountainous scenery, Gangwon-Do has the best mountains for miles around, as well as leisurely sports like surfing, kayaking, skiing, and hiking. In addition to all those, Gangwon-Do also has peaceful vacation spots like Nami Island in Chuncheon, beaches in Gangneung, and a wide open ranch in Pyeongchang. Fishing villages? Look no further than Jeolla-do, the home of hanok and bibimbap. There is a town there called Yeosu, which has a beautiful evening ocean. Suncheon is also beautiful, and has been labeled as an ecological treasure love. Jeolla-do has earned a reputation as South Korea’s best gourmet city due to fresh seafood, local agriculture cultivated from fertile land, and the heartwarming generosity particular to the southern regions. The overwhelming charm of the southern archipelago and Jirisan Mountain cannot be missed either.

Upon hearing South Korea, many people think of the large metropolises of Seoul and Busan, but South Korea has plenty of natural beauty on display as well

There are even options if you want to go see some of South Korea’s rich history and traditions. One fantastic option is Chungcheong-d0. As the central region of South Korea, with cities like Gongju, and known for its historical sites. Danyang also boasts some magnificent caves. It’s a great destination to relax and enjoy the scenery of the sunset on the west coast and inland lakes. One of the best regions for tradition and history, however, has to be Gyeongsang-do. With attractive destinations like Gyeongju and Andong, where the traditions of South Korea live on, as well as the beautiful sceneries of the south coast. It seems like no matter where you go in South Korea, there is always something fun, exciting, and beautiful to do.