Germany’s Bright Future

Although Germany hasn’t been the best historically, they are rising and becoming very respectable.


Official flag of Germany, which was made in 1949.

Germany has had it’s ups and downs, that is for sure. As most people are aware, Germany is responsible for the Holocaust, a tragic human rights disaster. As a result, they were split into two countries following World War II, though that ended with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1990.

Holocaust Memorial showing how brutal the Jewish people were punished.

It wasn’t until 1918 when women gained rights, such as the right to vote. This was two years before women in the United States were able to vote. Everything was looking fine until Adolf Hitler became the leader in Germany in 1933. In 1941, the Holocaust occurred, one of the worst events to happen in history. A mass genocide of European Jews, it has been reported that almost six million were killed by shootings, concentration camps, and gas chambers. The motives for these actions were racism and antisemitism.

Today Germany is a democratic federal parliamentary republic with two legislative houses. They have a president who has a maximum of two terms and a Chancellor that gets voted into office by the majority of the federal assembly. Their head leader is the Chancellor, which is currently Olaf Scholz who is a Social Democrat. Since 1920, they have had 17 different leaders. They also have a constitution that was officially approved on May 8th, 1949, which has similar laws to the United States Constitution.

Germany has also became socially liberal over the past 75 years. It wasn’t until five years ago until same sex marriage was legal. They also claim to have high levels of gender equality, promote disability rights, and don’t discriminate against homosexuals. In fact, a past foreign minister and mayor of a major city were openly gay. In the 1990’s, they were not fond of immigration but that has changed as they now have a more diverse population.

After a hard fought game, Germany is preparing to advance to the World Cup Finals

Germany is commonly called “Das Land der Dichter und Denker” which means “The Country of Poets and Thinkers.” Tourism is now very popular in Germany. One of the most fun things to do in Germany is visit Lego Land, a huge amusement park filled with Legos. Also, there is a huge two week event called Oktoberfest. It is held annually in Munich, Germany. Oktoberfest is one of the world’s most popular fairs. It heavily involves a beer festival and many other exciting events.

Germany’s most popular sport is soccer. Many young kids start young and play when they are five or six years old. They have a very talented national soccer team as well. They have won a total of four FIFA World Cups and one recently in 2014.

After an outstanding concert at Oktoberfest, the biggest festival organized in Germany, people are gathering to get some drinks.

Overall, Germany is a very popular and interesting country. They have had a questionable past, but they have overcame that and become a much more respectable country with strong leaders. Their culture is also one of the best in Europe, they make arguably the best chocolate in the world and have very popular festivals.