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Many foods all around the world have actually originated from Switzerland

Switzerland is a country that many wish they resided in. An absolute wonder, Switzerland is a country that is absolutely stunning and will be the focus of this paper. Not only is the country a big target destination for their looks, but there are little to no political issues and the economy is thriving. So what makes this country so special?

Switzerland consists of diverse multilingual groups consisting of German, French, Italian, and Romansh. There are also multiple dialects spoken in each section/region. Folk arts as well as skiing and mountaineering are very popular in this country, dating back to long ago where it all originated. Moreover, Switzerland has iconic names like Swiss cheese, Swiss chocolate, as well as Swiss watches. Swiss food is popular all around the world. Some of these dishes include raclette and fondue, muesli, and veal with mushrooms and cream sauce.

A semi-direct democratic federal republic dating back to 2011, the leading parties in Switzerland are from the right wing, which consist of the Swiss People’s Party (a right-wing nationalist party). The federal legislative power is split between two chambers of the Federal Assembly, the National Council, and the Council of States. Politics don’t play as major a role in Switzerland as they do in countries like North Korea, China, or Russia.

Views above a town sat next to a snow filled mountain during the Winter

The society/economic situation in Switzerland is strong. Compared to the rest of Europe, the poverty level is low, and according to Wikipedia it has steadily decreased since 2017. Although the Coronavirus has affected this nation as it has its neighbors, the cases are going down slowly, similarly to the rest of the world. Recently named the best place in the world to live in, replacing Singapore among rankings, Switzerland has very low crime rates.  As reported by The Broke Backpacker, people who currently reside in Switzerland say how safe they feel, even walking alone at night. This is not at all comparable to the U.S., which is ironic because America is typically viewed as a great country to live in. Switzerland is simply a peaceful place, a very suitable place for those who have already retired especially.

Switzerland’s natural beauty is legendary.  Ranking in the top 10 countries in the world as far as looks, Switzerland is a country like no other. While the leaves still remain on trees and the ground is green, the mountains and lakes combine to create a wonderful environment. On the other hand, when the winter comes around, Switzerland is a snow-filled wonderland. A dream spot for some, the mountain tops are covered with powdery snow and the lakes freeze over. This makes skiing and snowboarding great, and the tiny buildings with their special designs and lights that string across the town are truly a sight to see.

Switzerland should certainly be on everyone’s bucket list to visit as it provides great beauty and fun.