Art in France, C’est La Vie!!

France is the Epicenter of art and it is not hard to see why.


Leonardo da Vinci, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The worlds most famous painting, by Leonardo Da Vinci, controversial for the smile on her face.

France is known for its art, whether it is the art found within the Louvre or the beautiful buildings found throughout the country. It is no question that France is the epicenter of art and creativity. The Louvre is one of the world’s most renowned museums and within the amazing country you can find paintings like the Mona Lisa or The Wedding at Cano. Not to mention the sculptures that are shined upon like gods by the lights. However, the museums are not the only place you can find artwork in France, the building are art themselves. Buildings like Versailles or even the Notre Dame Cathedral are considered architectural masterpieces. Architecture and paintings only scratch the surface of French artwork, their writing and culinary is where they thrive and it starts in Paris.

Nighttime shot of the glass pyramid located at the center of the courtyard, which is the first piece of art you see.

Since the 1900’s, France has dominated the literary world with 15 Nobel Prize winners since 1901. That is the most award winners by any country and it makes perfect sense. With the love of night life and parties in the 1920’s many famous authors and artists moved to Paris to gain experience and witness a generational movement. With writers like Earnest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Gertrude Stein dominating the writing game in Paris in the 20’s. It is no surprise they lead the world in writing awards.

Paris was named the art capital of the world in the nineteenth century and it is clear why. The Louvre museum, located in Paris, is home to some of the worlds most famous pieces of art and sculptures. The Louvre is home of the Mona Lisa, and after waiting in a three hour line you, too, can see a painting of a cabbage patch kid. The Louvre is the world’s most visited museum, and the site of where many tourists get pick-pocketed. The Louvre was originally designed to be a fortress to protect the western edge of Paris and didn’t become a museum until 1793. During the French Revolution, the nation decided that the Louvre should become a museum to showcase the nations masterpieces.

Victor Parks, Lafayette senior and known Francophile, knows a good deal about the great country and its art.¬† “One time a French exchange student came into our class and I asked her, ‘Are French fries… French?’ and she said, ‘Yes!'”

Unfortunately for Victor’s quest to learn more about the nation and culture he loves, the French exchange student was tragically misinformed. Although the name says ‘French’, French fries originated in southern Belgium. That region of Belgium¬† is predominantly French speaking, however, hence the name.

A French originated dish that consists of marinated onions, pastry, and cheese.

Although French fries aren’t French, there are plenty of delicious foods that France has made like croissants, French onion soup, and baguettes.

France is not only known for its amazing paintings and sculptures, but also its food. France is home to the art capital of the world, Paris, and it is clear that to eat some amazing food and look at some beautiful art you have to go to France. So just remember, the next time you want to plan a perfect vacation. Make sure to research a trip to Paris or Marseilles.