St Peters is on a Historic Run

St Peters is making history and we get to witness it!


Phil Roeder from Des Moines, IA, USA, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

studies show that sports betting is most done during the month of march

March Madness is a riveting time of the year for sports fans.

St Peters’ basketball team is making history for their school. They recently beat basketball powerhouse Kentucky University. Kentucky was ranked number 2 for the March Madness Tournament, when St Peter’s was ranked 15th. It is extremely rare that a 15 seed wins a game in the tournament, so this was a huge deal. It sent fan brackets into a frenzy, as under one percent of brackets had St Peters winning the game. St Peters had never beaten a two seed in their franchise history as well; but that was not the end.

In the second round St. Pete’s played against another powerhouse, Murray state, who was ranked 7th in the tournament. They beat them by twelve points and were still not the predicted favorites. Much like the Kentucky game, the people, betting in the March Madness tournament,  made a lot of money by betting on the  St. Peters Peacocks. The question is now asked of just how far they will go?

College basketball is defined by March Madness.

In the sweet sixteen, which they have never made prior to this year, they will play number 3 seed Purdue, another basketball powerhouse that the Peacocks will have the opportunity of beating. It is an amazing story and is classified as the Cinderella story. They are one of three teams to ever make the sweet sixteen as a 15 seed. They made their own place in history and now have a chance at even more history. The peacocks have a 20th of the budget for their team that Kentucky has, but were able to beat them anyway. This is a great story of a team that is succeeding with all of the odds stacked against them. We are all excited to see how the peacocks perform against Purdue.


Purdue has a star in Jaden Ivey. Ivey is one of the best players in the country and has led Purdue to the sweet sixteen. There hasn’t been a story like this in a very long time in college basketball. St Peters is led by guard Doug Edert. Edert has been electric, and it is safe to say that everyone in the country is rooting for him to win. He is averaging over 17 points per game and is shooting with great efficiency. He has been the key to their run in this year’s tournament. Avid hoops fan Luke Hanson said, “I love Doug. And I love the peacocks. I hope they go all the way and win it all. It would make me happy.” All I can is lets go Peacocks!