Easter Shenanigans and How to Make A Prize Winning Egg!

Some family Easter traditions and tips to perfect your day!


Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

The Easter bunny comes and hides eggs in yards.

Cross on Easter morning at Church

With Easter coming up, there are so many exciting activities that you need to make sure to check off your basket–I mean bucket list. Easter is a cultural holiday initiated by the Christian church that occurs an on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the northern spring equinox. There are activities you can do leading up to the fun day and activities to plan for Easter! Everyone has different Easter traditions, but if you’re looking around for new ideas, here are some to help you create the perfect Easter Eve and Easter day.

Easter Eve: The day before Easter you must make sure you have all the preparations ready to make hardboiled eggs. You need eggs, water, salt, a stove, and different springy colors of food coloring. Here are the steps to making perfect Easter Eggs:

The perfect hard boiled eggs on a plate

Step 1: Place eggs into a pot with just enough water to cover them.

Step 2: Bring the eggs to a boil and put the stove on high.

Step 3: According to IndyStar, The American Egg Board recommends 12 minutes for medium-size eggs, 15 minutes for large eggs and 18 minutes for extra-large eggs.

Step 4: After the time is almost up, fill a bowl with ice water.

Step 5: Using a slotted spoon, take the eggs out quickly and plop them into the ice water.

Step 6: Once the eggs are cooled, place them into the fridge.

I would recommend making the hardboiled eggs in the morning the day before Easter so they will be set and perfect in time for after-dinner egg decorating. My family sticks to simple eggs and even some crazy designs. Here are some crazy design tips to try this year:

Here is a cute simple design you can do on a colored egg!

1: A cool technique is rubber band stripes which is pretty easy. This egg can be made easily by wrapping three to six rubber bands around the egg tightly and dropping it in the food coloring mixture. This will allow the food coloring to not under the bands and leave a stripped effect.

2: A technique that will make your Easter eggs look more abstract is to put tattoos on to them. You simply take a temporary tattoo that you can find at the dollar store and hold it on to the egg. Take a wet paper towel and hold it on to the egg to adhere.

After your Easter eggs are done you are ready for the next morning. I start of my Easter day by getting up with the sun and going on a nice family walk. My mom stays back to start the breakfast which consists of some of the eggs we made the day before, an egg casserole, chocolate croissants, baked goods, and lastly fruit.

Plastic Easter eggs filled with candy!

After we get back from our walk, we sit down at the table with my family and eat our breakfast. This is a good time to go for an egg hunt and check out what the Easter bunny brought! If you go to church, there are many services all morning to attend.

After eating a big breakfast and chocolate all day, it is nice to relax till dinner. It is our family tradition to go around the table at Easter dinner and say what you are thankful for. Can’t wait to hear your family Easter traditions!

Still need more ideas?  LHS Senior Mary Nice suggests you try her favorite Easter tradition is making her famous bunny cake!