This. Is. March.

March Madness is here and it’s been, well… Madness


Photo by Todd Greene on Unsplash

March is here which means basketball. Colleges around the nation are fighting for the national title

Kentucky, The Blue Bloods of college basketball, done in one night. Baylor, The defending champs, done in two. Basketball like we know it just isn’t the same this year. Everywhere we look there are upsets this season and the tournament so far has been no different.

Arena around the nation are empty as the sport gets concentrated to a few cities around the country. (Photo by Adam Bouse on Unsplash )

Upsets started early with No.11 Michigan knocking off No.6 Colorado State in a thrilling first game. The 12 seed Richmond Spiders came in a beat the the Big Ten champion Iowa in the annual 5-12 upset. New Mexico State arrived in Buffalo and sent UConn packing early as the 12 seed Aggies defeated the 5 seed Huskies. St. Peters. (Did you know they were a school? I sure didn’t. And their gym, imagine being a division one team with that gym) The mighty Peacocks. The 15 seed handled Kentucky well. So well, in fact, they sent them home way early from the tournament and cemented themselves as America’s Team for this years tournament. North Carolina helped ditch our first top ranked team of the year when they beat Baylor on Saturday. Michigan continued their hot streak by beating No. 3 Tennessee in a thrilling matchup.

Richmond’s luck ran out when they ran into the buzz saw that is Providence. The Peacocks continue their Cinderella magic as they beat Murray State to continue into the Sweet 16.

The Usual Suspects–Duke, Villanova, Gonzaga, Kansas– have shined this year. In Coach K’s last season at the helm the Blue Devils look set to make yet another run at a title as they easily advanced through the first two rounds. Villanova looks like the teams of old with them hardly breaking a sweat during the first weekend of play. Kansas, well it’s Kansas. They have quite literally nothing else to do in their state besides play basketball so they are doing just fine this year. Gonzaga (my pick to in it all) have struggled. Have they won? Yes. Was a pretty? Hell no. The Bulldogs began to look like chihuahuas in the face of Georgia State as the No.16 Panthers exposed the ‘Dogs in the first half. Chet Holmgren, the 7-foot tall star, showed why he is one of the best player in the country as he took over in the second half of both games to¬† make sure ‘Zaga could continue into week 2 of the dance.

Fans have been enjoying this years tournament. People are excited to be back in the stands and cheering on their favorite teams.

The schedule for the games that are coming up this weekend. Few remain and the tournament really gets going Thursday. Screenshot: Will Outten (Will Outten)

When asked about the tournament, Lafayette Senior and wannabe basketball super fan Sam Boyer said, “It’s just nice seeing the teams out there giving it their all and having fun. That’s the most important part, having fun.” The celebrations we see from fans and players show just how much it means to these schools to perform well in the big dance.

This year has been one of the best in memory. With the real tournament starting next week, who will dance the best of them all? (It better be Gonzaga, my bracket is counting on it.)