Harry Styles’ New Psychedelic Pleasing Drop

Including four new nail polishes, hand and nail balm, ‘acid drops’, and more, here’s everything you need to know to “find your pleasing”.


Screenshot from pleasing.com by Cora Perkins

Mick Fleetwood, pictured, models the Pleasing polish from the new micro-collection. Wearing Sprouting Polish and The Whole Dewniverse, he promotes the new drop while playing his classic guitar.

Last week, the second micro-collection for Harry Style’s cosmetics company dropped.  Known as ‘Shroom Bloom’, this latest collection revolves around a 70s-esc aesthetic, full of vibrant colors and psychedelic designs.

Harry Styles, a singer, songwriter, and actor, has now taken on a new medium: beauty. He launched his first collection for his brand, Pleasing, in November, and his colorful new micro-collection was released last week. (Cora Perkins)

Along with the new set of four nail polishes, the most anticipated item is a bright blue crewneck with a giant frog design on the front.  Retailing for $105, it is the priciest item out of the micro-collection, however there are good intentions behind this price.  Not only is Styles’ brand sustainable and vegan, they also collaborate with different charities and independent artists in order to bring forth the best possible products.  For their new drop, Pleasing has collaborated with Cool Earth, a charity whose purpose is: “We exist to back people, to protect rainforest, and fight the climate crisis.”  They try their hardest to prioritize the planet and their customers, but as they can always improve, they remind customers that they are, “Pleasing, never perfect.”

In continuation  of the 70s theme of this micro-collection, Mick Fleetwood, co-founder and leader of Fleetwood Mac, was featured in a promo campaign.  The promotion includes him wearing the new clothing items and posing with a guitar while wearing some of the collection’s nail polish.  This caused a burst of excitement from fans, as Styles has consistently spoken about how one of his biggest inspirations music wise is Fleetwood Mac.  This interaction is added to the list of times where Styles has befriended his idols, one of the most iconic times being when he gave Stevie Nicks, another old member of Fleetwood Mac, an awe-inspiring speech as she was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Pictured is Pleasing’s first micro-collection, Perfect Pearl, featured in the collection were the four nail polishes pictured, a hand balm, and some facial products. (Cora Perkins)

The new drop comes along with the opening of many pop-up shops for fans to come and see the line person.  There are two in the United States, one in LA and one in New York, and one in London.  These shops had fans coming from across the country in order to catch a glimpse, and hope to see either Styles or his stylist, Harry Lambert.  Fans of the collection lined up for hours on end, withstanding the cold temperatures, in order to purchase an item.

Harper Wagner, a junior at Lafayette, is super excited for Styles’ new venture, “It’s super cool that he’s expanding from music to beauty.  He’s creating a brand that features both the masculine and feminine mystique as well as including his own personal taste into the products.  You can tell he really cares about what he’s creating and I think it’s going to be really good for him.”

It is unknown, for the time being, when the new Pleasing collection will drop, as Styles has a busy year ahead of him, with his upcoming tour, multiple movies to be out this year, and the possibility of a new album.  However, what is known, is that fans are ready for it when it comes.