Is Daylight Saving Time Good?

The Senate approved a bill to have Daylight Savings Time be permanent. Is that a good thing?


Photo by Mpho Mojapelo on Unsplash

Most are excited about Daylight Saving Time becoming permanent next year. Is it really as good as people make it to be?

Don’t you hate having to worry about changing the clock every time Daylight Saving Time rolls around? The hassle of making sure you go to bed at the right time because time either goes up or down an hour. The morning after Daylight Saving is just awful. You feel all sluggish and wish you could sleep in more. Almost everyone just wishes it was the same time all year long.

Soon you won’t have to worry about it. The Senate passed the Sunshine Protection Act which will permanently keep

Next year, you won’t have to adjust your clocks! No more fixing sleeping schedules because of the changes in time.

Daylight Saving Time throughout the United States. It will set into place in the year 2023. We won’t have to wake up feeling awful when it is that time to change the clocks. It will be the same time during the whole year. It will be easier to adapt to one time when it’s the same all year long.  It takes multiple days for me to adapt to the time change again. A student from Overhill’s High School in North Carolina, Abigail Flores, told this reporter, “I like the idea of keeping Daylight Saving Time. It wouldn’t throw me off.”

But is making Daylight Saving Time permanent really a good thing?  It might not be.

While there are some positive sides to this change, there are also many not-so-great things about it.

On the positive side, the United States can stick to one time without needing to change clocks during the year. That’s a plus.   However, although the sun will be out longer, early mornings will be dark and it will feel like it is still night time. People will have the sense that they should be sleeping still. The darkness of the house in the morning makes it harder for early risers to get up for school. The magnetic pull of bed is much more difficult to resist when  not even the sun is up. One of the issues with keeping Daylight Savings permanently is that it will be harder for people to get up early in the morning for their job or for school.

Another positive result is that there will be more time to stay out longer during the day. The sun will set later in the day, so there will be more daylight hours for daily or fun activities, more sunshine to enjoy nature and have fun with friends. This will be most enjoyed during the spring and summer months.

Who doesn’t love the chance for more fun in the sun that will come with more daylight hours?

Another issue with Daylight Saving is the amount of productivity people have throughout the day. It has been suggested that when Daylight Saving comes around the people’s productivity decreases. If this is true, then permanent Standard Time would be better for maximum productivity.  Chores, school assignments, and other tasks would be easier to complete. Scientists even say people work better in Standard time.

Overall, having Daylight Saving Time be the permanent time is not a good thing. There are more negatives than positives in making it permanent. If the United States were to stick with one time, it would be better if Standard Time was permanent.