Go Heels!

I’m a Tarheel born, I’m a Tarheel breed, and when i die I’m a Tarheel dead. Ra Ra Carolina!


Davis Brewer

Face paint from a game in 6th grade. #gettinginspirit

A game from 2017 when Roy was still the coach. (Davis Brewer)

It is that time of year where people make their brackets, place bets, and get ready for some crazy games, this is March Madness. But this year is different for it’s the year for UNC.

The North Carolina Tarheels are the underdogs of the year. After an average season and not much talk, UNC starts off strong to make it to the sweet 16 after a huge win against Baylor, who were the champions of the year before. Leading the Heels to now be playing UCLA, a fourth seed team.

As a fan, am I a little nervous? Sure. Will we win? Yes. My confidence has never been so high for a team in my life.

Ever since Roy Williams left, team morale has been down and talent hasn’t been at a high. But with going into the ACC tournament off a big win against Duke, their last home game of the season with their awful coach, Coach K (not actually awful just don’t like the guy) we had good morale. Although we didn’t take home the win for the ACC tournament, we showed potential to go off in the NCAA tournament.

So far we have, with starting our first game off with a win against Marquette 95-63. A huge win and great start to the tournament with a 32-point win, a great game from Manet. Which then leads us to our second game against Baylor, UNC was defiantly carrying that game with a 25-point lead looking great. Then we started to slip for we lost our lead and headed over to OT but still pulled through.

After we beat UCLA, I have UNC going all the way to the final against Villanova. Why Villanova you ask? Well, I want to see a revenge story of UNC getting a buzzer beater three for the game like Villanova did against us back in 2016. I have full faith in Hubert Davis with his fourth year in of being head coach he rebuilt his standings of coach. With also being part of the UNC team for the past seven years. There has been some great recruiting and amazing coaching and it will just continue to get stronger and for UNC to show that we are on top and superior over every team in the NCAA tournament, and overall.

Kevin Cole, LHS Senior and lifelong Tarheels fan, says, “Growing up my family has always been UNC fans, my dad went to grad school there and we are family friends with the women’s tennis coach.” The tennis team at UNC is one of the best n the country. Kevin confides that being so close to the tennis coach at UNC, his family gets free tickets to basketball and football games. “This is the year for UNC and I believe that they will go all the way for they have shown great potential,” Kevin says confidently.

The legend himself, KEVIN COLE! (Davis Brewer)

Wise words from a wise man.  I second what Kevin had to say and will be crossing my fingers and praying for this amazingly fabulous team.