Growing Oyster Mushrooms: A Timeline

Growing mushrooms from home is a unique and environmentally friendly way to grow one’s own food.


At two weeks since receiving the kit and four days of growth, the mushrooms were nearly ready to pick. They had a sweet, earthy scent that reminded me almost of mint, and I could tell the air around them was thick with spores.

As an aspiring mycologist, I’ve always wanted to experiment with growing my own mushrooms, so when I found out about the possibility of buying ready-to-use growing kits online, I immediately decided I would try it out. I ordered two kits from the South Carolina-based company Mushroom Mountain; one for button mushrooms, which we kept in storage for a while and I am currently attempting to grow, one for cold blue oyster mushrooms. As I carefully followed the instructions on the kit and cultivated the tiny mushrooms that soon sprung from the kit, what I witnessed amazed me.