2022 Covid school year

Cases rise, questions form. what will the outcome be in 2022?


Davis Brewer

Staying safe and learning the right way.

Its the beginning of 2022 and already off to a questionable start. As we head in to our new year we sit may ponder on how the year 2022 will be different. Some say it’ll be the best year yet, and others will say differently; personally all I know is it’ll be a year to remember. With this new variant hanging around many people’s worries start creeping back. Omicron has been spreading like wild fire, which leads us to sit here and wonder where will this lead us in school.

Already sports events like basketball games have been canceled due to students developing Covid. This leads one to wonder: students and teachers are being exposed and getting Covid at a very high rate, so how long till our school board will put us online again?

It’s complicated though really.  After experiencing how troubling online school was last year, many teachers and students are voicing their thoughts and concerns on the matter. Going back online makes it hard for teachers and students to interact and fully comprehend lessons that would be easier learning in person. Also with being online, grading systems and following work and tests is more complicated. However, the way these cases keep rising it leaves many with an open mind on how this problem will be dealt with.

Not only could we go back online if things get bad enough, but spring and winter sports will most likely be cut short or cut entirely. This will lead to many people being upset and I know I would be hurt by that. My thoughts and prayers go to us staying in person, we just have to be safe. And there are many ways to do that, by wearing mask properly, distancing, and being sanitary. If everyone does their part in this new year then I think we can make it through this year.