CFB Playoff Podcast FOLLOW-UP

We never said we actually knew what we were talking about…

The Georgia Bulldogs are National Champions after a 4 decade long wait.

University of Georgia, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The Georgia Bulldogs are National Champions after a 4 decade long wait.

Really Michigan?


What was that?

We put so much faith in the Wolverines as they were riding high from their Ohio State win and Big Ten Championship. You came out in “RUN THE DAMN BALL” shirts before the game and boy did you ever, 91 yards… 91!! Granted, the 3.4 yards per carry is good, but not when the defense gives up 5.4 a carry.

Georgia, though, they played lights out. I feel bad that we counted them out because they looked just as good if not better than they did in the regular season. Alabama looked like…well, Alabama. The Tide were rolling as they made a statement against Cincinnati, which we actually managed to predict correctly. Through it all we just end up with the SEC-qual.

Bowl Game predictions are hard, ok? I came out in the top 10% of all national pickers at 22-16. Luke, well lets just say it was better than most (18-20, ha, I win). Thankfully we’re not experts and don’t make a living off these predictions.

Remember how I said Georgia played lights-out against Michigan?

Well Alabama sure wishes they hadn’t.

The National Championship finally has a new name on its trophy. The Dawgs finally did it after 41 years. Kirby Smart was able to bring his alma mater a title and defeat his mentor. The game started off slow, with five field goals in the first half, neither defense giving an inch, and a 9-6 Alabama lead. The Bulldogs struck first blood in the end zone with a 1-yd Zamir White rush to take a 13-9 lead with a minute left in the third. After a questionable fumble call by the ACC officiating crew The Tide score on a Bryce Young pass to take a 18-13 lead. Georgia proceeds to score three unanswered, capping it off with a pick-six to secure the game and that beautiful CFP Trophy.

I will admit, neither of us thought Georgia could do it, but I have never been happier to be wrong. Now, unfortunately, Georgia has awaken the beast and the entirety of college football needs to watch out for the 2022 Alabama Revenge Tour

p.s. here’s the link to our original story podcast, in case you want to listen to all the incorrect predictions: