How to Make the Most of Your Morning

Building a morning routine that works for you


Gobierno CDMX, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Yoga can help you prioritize your physical and mental health in a morning routine

The sun creeps across your room and you are wracked with guilt that you want to sleep in rather than take on the day. Why can you never get done all the things you should?

Across the internet and social media, many are obsessed with creating the “perfect” morning or evening routine. There are lists of the billionaire morning routines, successful morning routines, routines to encourage fitness, and many many more. So what’s the answer? Should you get up at the crack of dawn and take on the day? Or should we take it easy and get some food before we take off?

Turns out the answer depends on you.

Jessica Stillman of Inc encourages someone building a morning routine to think of all the ideas as a buffet rather than a never ending list.

Start with thinking of all aspects of your well being: mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. By adding different aspects of your well being to your morning routine, you can aim for overall wellness and starting the day off right.  If that seems too much, simply focus on what is most lacking at the moment and try to add it in.

For example, if you’re struggling with your emotional well being take some time to focus on your feelings, and journal about them can help you process. If you’re struggling with your physical well being, take the time to drink a glass of water in the morning or to do some yoga, both of which can help you take care of yourself. Some of the most popular ideas are to read a book, mediate, journal, make your bed, take care of pets or plants, make a to do list, do a brain dump, or think of what you’re grateful for.

While an in-depth morning routine is not for everyone, many people swear by the benefits. Col. Eric Smith of Williamsburg, VA is no stranger to morning routines.  Having been in the Army for over thirty years, “getting up early, exercising, and drinking coffee are all part of the culture.”  Smith makes sure to incorporate different items into his routine to contribute to his overall well being, exercising, eating a good breakfast, and reading the daily paper. While it is important to take care of yourself in this way, Smith also states that it has simply become an enjoyable part of his day. “I enjoy getting up early, before the rest of the world awakens. I can be really productive in a short time.”

It can be tough to think about getting up early and taking on the day, but consider getting an earlier start on the day. Think about heading to bed earlier so you can add something to benefit you in the morning whether it be prioritizing a healthy meal or simply resetting yourself with some deep breathing. Taking these small steps to prioritize your health and happiness can lead to a happier and healthier life in the long run.