NBA Update 2022

The 2022 season has started in a weird way after all that has happened in the past few years.


Photo by JC Gellidon on Unsplash

The NBA has let fans back in the audience this year which is a big change from the Covid times.

The NBA has made a great comeback after all of the problems with Covid-19 and all of the political tension. The fans have also made a return to the arenas. There have been lots of issues with Covid protocols in the league. The NBA has 56 players out currently due to Covid-19 protocols according to CBSSPORTS. There have been lots of players come out of retirement and come out of different leagues across the world to make up for the people that can’t play. Players who used to be great who retired have recently came back and have made a huge impact not only on the fanbase but on the court. Isaiah Thomas, who used to be in the MVP race, came back to the NBA this year and has been on 3 different teams and averaged 9 points with the Lakers. Joe Johnson has also come back because of all of the absent players and is playing with the Boston Celtics where he has only played once with 2 minutes but he did score 2 points in that game.

Kevin Durant has been a very influential player all across the world

The elite players who have been good for a while now are playing even better with the fans in attendance. Steph Curry who has been great ever since he entered the league 13 years ago is in the frontrunning for the All-Star Game voting along with Kevin Durant, another veteran, who has been playing great. There have also been a few new players who are high in votes such as Ja Morant who has made a huge impact with the Grizzlies since he was drafted 3 years ago. Trae Young was also high in votes which is expected because he has been so dominant since he was drafted 4 years ago as well as Luka Doncic who is almost guaranteed to be a hall of famer and could even enter the goat debate by the time he retires.

With all that being said, everyone is happy that the NBA is back with fans and we now have a full season of action filled basketball with all of the NBA players we love.