The Tragedy Surrounding Alec Baldwin

A prop firearm on the set of the movie, “Rust,” kills a cinematographer and injures another crew member. Will they uncover the truth behind the fatal shooting?


Gerry Dincher from Hope Mills, NC, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Joel Souza, director of the upcoming movie, Rust,” is dead after fatal shooting on movie set. The director is remembered by many after this event.

Alec Baldwin, an American actor, is in countless movies of our time. He is well-known across the globe for his incredible skills in front and behind of the camera. The actor is involved in the incident with the firearm, and it has left him in shambles.

Lights. Camera. Action. Filming a movie requires immense attention to detail and many different props, scene designs, and costumes to make the visions of the director come to life. On the set of the movie, “Rust,” there was not enough attention to detail and it led to the death of and injury of crew members.

A prop firearm was being used in a scene, and when it was too late, the crew realized the rifle was loaded. Standing there struck with disbelief and guilt, with his fingers wrapped around the trigger, was Alec Baldwin.

Baldwin is an American actor, writer, and comedian, and his name is well-known worldwide for his renowned skills and films. His name is now well-known worldwide for this tragedy on the set of the movie he was involved in.

The movie, “Rust,” was a film set in the 1880s in the West and it is about a 13-year old boy who gets sentenced to a hang for an accidental killing of a local rancher, and afterwards leaves on the run with his grandfather.

The discharged prop firearm hit the director of photography, Halyna Hutchins, and she was transported to the hospital, and died shortly after. The director, Joel Souza was transported to the hospital as well, and he is recovering currently. As this tragedy happened, Baldwin strayed to the parking lot after talking to the police about the shooting that had just happened and he had just witnessed. Detectives, at this point, were investigating the type of projectile that was discharged, and how it became discharged in the first place.

A few weeks later, more information comes out as Baldwin gets his attorney and his attorney makes it clear that the assistant director has no responsibility to check if the prop firearms are loaded, and the tragedy was not deliberate. The mystery surrounding how a firearm with a live round got to Baldwin is still in question. He talks to the detectives every day to see if new information is presented, or going to come out, in concern for his and other safety.

“Andddd…. action!” The clapboard is slapped shut as the scene begins. As soon as the clapboard closed, the prop firearm was fired. They were filming the movie, “Rust,” during this tragic scene malfunction.

After this, a crew member from the movie, Serge Svetnoy, filed a lawsuit against many important figures in the movie, including Baldwin. According to CNN, Svetnoy claimed to be struck by “discharge materials,” from the blast of the bullet and he blamed the film producers for it. Guitierrez Reed’s, another crew member, attorney talks about how the tragedy was deliberate and purposeful, even tempered with before the police had arrived.

Baldwin’s brother is providing defense for Alec as the situation continues to unfold. According to CNN, Daniel Baldwin says, “Alec has no blame in this at all. The armorer is responsible for the weapons. The actor is an idiot. The protocol exonerates Alec of any responsibility at all. The first AD should have witnessed an empty weapon being handed to him or fired the gun himself. I don’t know what caused him to announce ‘cold weapon’ on set. That announcement alone exonerates Alec of any wrongdoing or any responsibility.”

Regardless of the tragic event, Baldwin is eager to see the changes in the film industry after this incident regarding safety measures and precautions taken. After this incident happened to him, he wants to ensure it will not happen to anyone else.