Starbucks Holiday Drinks

Everyone’s favorite holiday drinks are back.


Photo by Szymon12455 on Unsplash

Starbucks brings back the holiday flavors that everyone loves. Not only old flavors, but as well as new ones.

Sitting in a nice and warm coffee shop away from the cold, sipping on some hot, or cold, coffee. Starbucks is back with their holiday drinks.

The peppermint mocha frappuccino makes its way back on the menu just for the holidays.

It is officially that time of year again: the holiday drinks that everyone loves are here. If anyone is in the mood for their favorite peppermint mocha, Starbucks offers it any way it is preferred. Since 2015, this has been a fan favorite. Made with Starbucks signature espresso, milk, mocha sauce and peppermint syrup, topped off with whipped cream and chocolate curls. With the perfect mix of chocolate and peppermint, this drink will make anyone want to go back and get a second. Personally, peppermint is one of my favorite holiday flavors and everyone that I know can say the same thing. There’s no reason to miss out on this limited a time drink from Starbucks.

The newest edition to their limited holiday drinks is the Sugar Cookie Almond milk latte, having joined the Starbucks menu in 2021. Sugar cookies have always been a go to for Santa’s cookies, making this drink one the perfect holiday flavors. Fans love this drink, which was specialized for nondairy customers, keeping them happier than ever. Even if you didn’t want almond milk, you can still choose whatever milk you want and it will taste just as good. What this drink has in store is sugar cookie flavored syrup, blonde espresso, and almond milk, and top it off are some red and green sprinkles just to add to the holiday spirit. It not only comes in iced, or hot, but as well as a frappuccino. What is even better is that this drink is not too sweet, or too bitter, it is the exact amount to make everyone’s taste buds happy. Because this drink is so new, not many people have had the chance to try it, but once they do, they won’t be able to stay away.

Its holiday flavor and joy is here again for limited time, the Chestnut Praline Latte.

One of Starbucks older holiday drinks, the Chestnut Praline latte from 2014, is back. This is a classic because chestnuts are one of the most well known flavors around Christmas time. This drink is made from steamed milk, espresso, and caramelized chestnuts and spices. Whether you want it hot or cold, they can also make this as a frappuccino which is topped with whipped cream and spiced praline crumbs. Not only is it a traditional holiday flavor, it looks amazing. Anyone who is a real holiday fanatic will love this drink; chestnuts are a festive touch to the holidays and so is the flavor, and look of this drink. I myself have not tried it yet, but considering how long it has been around and knowing that chestnuts are just a classic Christmas flavor, I am definitely getting one on my next Starbucks trip. Once I try it, I am sure that I will have another favorite holiday drink that will drag me to Starbucks even more.

Starbucks and their holiday drinks is one of the best ways to enjoy this time of year. With many different festive flavors to choose from, everyone gets into the holiday spirit. Even if it’s hard to decide what to get, the peppermint mocha, Sugar Cookie Almond milk, or Chestnut Praline are an easy pick.