Adele is Back

Everything You Need to Know About Adele’s New Album


Kristopher Harris from Charlotte, NC, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

With the announcement of Adele’s new album, we are left with so many questions.


File:Adele 'Adele Live 2016' - Nashville DSC05008 (30375609496).jpg
Adele is “dancing” as her new song and album are on their way out.

“Hello, is it me?” Yes. Yes, it is. Adele is back with a new song and a new album on the way. Adele’s music is nothing short of emotional and it is time to prepare for another tearful album. We get a glimpse of her fourth studio album with the song “Easy on Me” and I am nothing short of off the walls, ready for this album. 

With every Adele album comes a new story about her life, this one about her divorce. Her former husband, Simon Konecki, and her finalized the divorce last January. It was only a matter of time before we heard some songs or an album about. Much like Taylor Swift, Adele also finds success in the industry with heartbreak songs. I think we can all agree that it is the best type of music. 

Adele’s new song “Easy on me” found on Spotify gives us a taste of how spectacular this album will be.

It has been seven years since we got an Adele album, and I think we can all agree that it has been the longest seven years in history, besides maybe the seven years’ war. In a way Adele has been going through her own war and so have we. With an 8-year-old son, a divorce can never be easy, and she needed her space. I can understand and support that. She knows how to please the people and releasing an album about the divorce less than a year later is exactly what we were waiting for. The seven years’ war is over and much like Great Britain, we will also be in debt… Emotional Debt. 

In case you were getting excited about some possible features on the album, don’t. Adele confirmed that there will be no features. Just her and her angelic voice. I can understand how this could upset a fan, because features and mashups “get the people going”. However, as a die-hard Adele fan, I see no problem in this. I prefer her to sing alone, it is hard for her to find harmony with other singers. Although she has in the past and done a phenomenal job, I would rather see her perform alone than get outshined by someone who doesn’t deserve it. 

Releasing this album so close to thanksgiving shows that Adele has Moxy. A sad, divorce album releasing days before a holiday built around family. It’s like she doesn’t think about her fans. You can believe this album will win her another Grammy and add on to her insane resume. In four albums, Adele has earned 15 Grammys. Yes, 15. People dream of winning one, but she dreams of a shelf that can hold all of hers.  

File:Adele 2016.jpg
Adele announces release of new album, “30”, leaving fans waiting for another spectacular album.

So, with her new album coming out it is time to go back to some old classics and tug at the old heart strings in preparation. We know this album is going to hit heavy, and maybe for some fans, close to home. No matter what, this album is going to be incredible, and everyone should start marking their calendar for November 19th.  Thanksgiving may be tough, but at least we have Adele to wish nothing but the best.