Binge-Worthy Horror To Watch in the Dark

Feeling a bit nostalgic for the Halloween season? Well here are my top 5 horror movies to send some chills down your spine.

To be honest, I’ve never been the biggest fan of horror, classic horror more specifically. The jump-scares and ancient curses and murderous serial killers in masks were way too much for me to handle, so I turned to psychological thrillers since I found them easier to handle. Now before you get on me like, ‘Oh but isn’t this supposed to be horror?’ Well yes, but thrillers are considered horror so don’t worry, I’m still good. So without further ado, I give you my list of horror movies that I think you should watch. Preferably in one night. In the dark. With your doors and windows unlocked.

Although beautiful, it’s plantations similar to this one that hold the darkest history, and the very sort of plantation that Eden is forced to worked on.


Antebellum follows Eden, a slave living and working on a plantation called Antebellum run by Confederate soldiers in the deep south. Life at Antebellum is not easy as any slaves that are caught escaping are either murdered or brutally punished. However, not everything is as it seems when a mobile phone begins to ring in the general’s cabin.

A picture of a simple eraser, just one example of an object that Hunter would be more than overjoyed to consume.


Hunter’s in-laws are questioning her sanity and she doesn’t know why. I mean, all she did was swallow a marble, right? And thumbtacks. And maybe a screwdriver. But that’s okay, right? She’s finally living her dream of marrying rich and hey, in a relationship as messed up as hers, one needs to keep things exciting somehow!


A neglected wife in a never-ending time loop, Mother is a woman who struggles between choosing herself and her husband, Him. Life is full of constant home renovations and helping Him until, one day, a mysterious and intrusive man arrives, marking Mother’s spiral into insanity. Mother! relates to religion, offering many ties between itself and the Bible.

Although The Autopsy of Jane Doe was released in 2016, it is still a fan favorite of many veteran horror fans to this day.

The Autopsy of Jane Doe

After finding the unidentified body of a woman at a crime scene, a father and son coroner duo begin her autopsy. Although there seems to be no visible external trauma but internally her body is completely ruined. Things only take a turn for the worse when radios turn on and off, strange objects are found inside the corpse, and the son believes he sees corpses wandering the morgue’s supposedly empty halls.

You’re Next

Erin, a woman who grew up on a survivalist compound, visits her boyfriend Crispin and his family at their vacation home. They’re accompanied by Crispin’s siblings and their own significant others. The happy occasion is turned murderous and dark when a crossbow bolt is shot through a window, killing Crispin’s sister’s boyfriend. Erin’s survival training kicks in as she fights for her life against crossbow-wielding mask-wearing assassins, all while trying to figure out why she’s their target.

These movies are some of my personal favorites, especially The Autopsy of Jane Doe (even if I did have to spoil the movie for myself by reading the Wikipedia article before actually watching it). Each one exhibits its own unique horror and experience. There are some other movies that I would recommend that, sadly, just didn’t make the main list. Some honorable mentions would be: Escape Room, Us, Don’t Breath, The Boy, and The VVitch. Remember, horror isn’t for everyone, and it comes in all different styles, so keep in mind that these are just friendly recommendations. Have fun watching!