2020 Ryder Cup

Wind whirling, crushed balls, and good golf: the Ryder cup! Once every two years the best of the best compete for the global victory.


The Ryder cup was very anticipated this year after it was canceled due to Covid last year


Brice Hankins and Davis Brewer and a panel of golf fans discuss the 2020 Ryder Cup.

The US golf team was absolutely stacked this year and blew out the Europe team

Guests Victor Parks, Connor Rice, Josh Sims, Joey Sims, Caden James, Noah Amor and Kevin Cole join our hosts to analyze and editorialize the 2020 Ryder Cup which took place a few weekends ago. The USA took the win with an absolute super team over the mediocre Europe team. There were controversies, weather effects and more which all gets broken down for you by the podcast team.  Click the link to enjoy the conversation!