May 1988

A Window into our Past at LHS


Photo by permission of Lafayette High School, Photographer Unknown

A student gets down low and looks at his bridge design while weight is addedthe blackboards in te back look as though the have the illustration of the days procedure.


In my senior year I have acted as a TA for Mr. Basilone cleaning out over 30 years of miscellaneous supplies and earlier from the prior teacher. While a large majority is either trash, genuine supplies, or just various screws and bolts, a few gems have emerged. One of the most interesting finds was a box of kodak film slides from May of 1988. I have very little context for any of the slides, save materials that are still present in the room today, but I was instantly captivated by them. From the similar work that is done in the same classroom, to the clothes, and mannerisms, this snapshot in time became an instant fascination and I felt compelled to share it.