Top 5 Halloween Movies

What is your favorite scary movie to watch during spooky season?

In most school libraries, there is a section where teachers can go and pick movies for their students to watch. Many of the movies are educational and PG, but there are some good findings within the selections.

Everyone’s favorite time of year is finally here. We get to go to pumpkin patches again, start planning our Halloween costumes, upping our fall outfits, and most importantly binge watching our favorite spooky movies. Whether or  not they are “Halloween based” movies, we love a good scary movie, considering that it what Halloween is based upon. If you struggle with deciding which movies to watch this spooky season, I will help you out and give you a list of my 6 favorite movies/movie series. Following the list I will give you guys a brief summary of each movie.

  1. Hocus Pocus
  2. Conjuring Series
  3. The Purge
  4. Amityville Horror
  5. A Quiet Place
The main witch, also known as the leader, is the one that is located in the center. She is the brains of the operation. The blonde one is the stereotypical “airhead”, and the one on the right of the leader is the funny one.

1. For many years, Hocus Pocus has been a fan favorite since it first came out in 1993. The movie is based on 3 witches being awaken after being executed in the early 17th century because of the crimes they commit. On Halloween they are able to feed off of children and sort of “take” their youngness away from them. This will allow the witches to be young and beautiful again. In this story you meet a character by the name of Max who’s sister is prayed upon after the awakening of the witches. Max acquires help from a girl he goes to high school with and may or may not end up falling in love with her. Now, I won’t spoil anything on the ending and will stop here to leave you wondering. The most convenient places you are able to find this film is on Disney+, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.

The Conjuring is in fact, based off of real events. Although the house in the movie isn’t the same as in real life, it is still just as terrifying. The house is located in Rhode Island.

2. The Conjuring series is a tricky series to binge watch. You have to do it in order, or you aren’t doing it right. There are 8 movies that are in the series, all based on a different story. The order goes, The Nun, Annabelle Creation, Annabelle, The Conjuring, The Curse of La Llorona, Annabelle Comes Home, Conjuring 2, and then last but not least The Conjuring 3: The devil made me do it. I could go on and on giving a different summary of each different movie but that would last for forever. Each movie has it’s own perks and are scary in different ways. The newest one, Conjuring 3, is honestly probably the most spooky. They knew that they had to do something big, since all of the movies following the last one were pretty good. Rumor has it, they aren’t done with the series yet. Every fan of the movies has a different idea of how they are going to attack and make it better than the last. Many of these movies are found on either Netflix or Hulu. Some can be found on Paramount plus and Amazon Prime.

During the annual event, the majority of the rebellious wear face masks to hide their identity. They do this so that when the alarm goes off to alert citizens that it is the end of the purge, nobody knows who did what,

3. Truthfully, if something like what happens in these movies, were to happen in the real world I wouldn’t know what to do with myself. The Purge movies are absolutely terrifying, for the soul reason, that it could happen in real life.  In The Purge movies, U.S. citizens have 12 hours to commit any crime they want. Originally the purge happened as a social experiment from the U.S government to see how humans would react in that situation. This turns into an annual thing, and each year citizens become more and more prepared. You don’t necessarily have to go and watch these movies in order. If you like gore and people having no remorse for violence and crimes, this thrilling movie is for you. The Purge movies are hard movies to find, but most of them can be found on Amazon Prime.

4. Amityville Horror: A movie based on a true story about a family that undergoes a repeat in history, because of their house. A newly married couple and their three children move into a home where a mass murder was committed. Soon after moving, they start to experience strange and paranormal activity. The father ends up being possessed and starts hearing voices in his head, persuading him to commit the same murders within his family, just like the man before him. The wife doesn’t realize the depth of the situation until it’s almost too late. The best place to stream this movie is on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Imagine having a child, newborn at that, to take care of when you have no choice but to be quiet. One loud exhale and the creature can hear you from miles away.

5. Last but not least, A Quiet Place. A family is challenged with what is the “new normal” to the world. The population of the world is being eliminated by blind creatures that have unreal hearing. They pick up on the slightest sounds, find you and then feed on you. The movie is based upon one particular family, a family consisting of a mother, father, and for a moment, three children. The family undergoes very unfortunate events and has to adapt to the new world around them; aren’t able to wear shoes because they are too loud, sand has to be poured out among your usual route to the pharmacy, grocery store, etc., not being able to talk to the loved ones around you, and I’m sure you can imagine much more. The one advantage they have is that they know sign language because their daughter is deaf. They do end up uncovering the fact that the monsters are indestructible to guns, bombs, and other weapons that would harm a person. But deeper into the story, they discover a weapon they can use against the creatures, though I won’t tell you what, it’s a pretty good turn in the story. The most convenient place to find this movie is on Hulu and Paramount Plus. P.S. there’s two parts and a third one is coming!

I asked students at my school what their favorite horror/Halloween movie is out of my top 5:

Hocus Pocus- 7 votes

The Conjuring series- 5 votes

The Purge- 4 votes

Amityville Horror- 2 votes

A Quiet Place- 2 votes

Which is the best spooky movie to watch?

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