Social Media Impacts

We need to find out what is real and what’s fake, before everyone becomes the same.


We often think that everything that we see on social media is real. This can create a toxic battle with our inner selves, making us think that we are less than we are. The truth is, we don’t know the difference between real and fake if it comes from social media, whether that be news, selfies, podcasts, a picture of Kim Kardashian on a beach in Mexico, and many more examples. The way that the new era of social media impacts society, must be stopped, but how?

Around Lafayette High school, there are many posters and artwork, encouraging you to have positive interactions with each other. This poster shows that we never know what somebody is going through, so we need to be kind and spread positivity.

Recently, one of the most famous Kardashians, Khloe, posted a picture of herself standing in a leopard printed bikini. Before she could even post the picture, her grandmother Mary Jo Campbell, also known as MJ, posted the unedited version of it. In this photo, you are seeing the natural, unedited version of her body. The picture Khloe posted compared to the leaked version, was very different. Khloe was insisting that the photo of her was deleted off everything. Her mother, Kris Jenner is named as the copyright holder of the picture and has threatened the media about having it.

Kim Kardashian is constantly trying to build her platform by creating more and more makeup products.

The whole scenario could have made anyone insecure about their body, if they had the same build as her. Someone could see that picture and think absolutely nothing wrong about it and be confused as to why she was so insistent that it be taken down. Today social media stars are creating this unreal version of themselves and that can create an unrealistic expectation of what we are “supposed” to look like.

This is also known as a norm. A norm is something that we accept as “normal”. For example, if someone wears blue jeans, a white t shirt, and vans, that is accepted as a “normal” outfit. But if someone were to express themselves by wearing chunky boots, dark clothes, ripped jeans, chains, and their hair in a fun style, they might be  considered “the weird kid.” Ava Fisher, a student at Lafayette High, said “Social media has influenced social norms more than they ever have, and since kids are exposed to social media at such a young age, they are conditioned to think it’s not okay to express themselves”. In this society, nobody can be their true selves without being judged against the norms social media has created in everyone’s mind.

Often on social media, people tend to say more negative things because it is over the phone and they have a screen protecting them. We never know the real person behind the screen.

Other social media platforms, encourage everyone to embrace themselves for who they really are. Sienna Mae Gomez, a tik tok influencer, posts her unedited, and unfiltered self to help young girls conquer their insecurities. Sienna allows her fans to have a comfortable space, where they don’t feel alone. She also has livestreams where she eats with her fans, to make it easier for people with eating disorders to eat. There are quite a lot of other social media platforms where influencers post their realistic lifestyle. For the people trying to change their lifestyle–for example, trying to lose weight–they need to understand that its not as easy as some influencers make it seem. The process isn’t easy, and the body will go through many, many changes.

All together, social media creates a negative and dark space for people of all ages. We must begin to try and make it a safe place for people to escape to, because at the rate we are going at, it is only getting worse

We need more people to step up and show their unfiltered selves. These days nobody knows what’s real and what’s fake and this has created a toxic battle between us and the culture of illusion created by distorted norms. Today’s social media needs more candid, natural lifestyles. If young girls and boys continue to see what they are seeing, it will continue to create this unrealistic expectation for what we are supposed to be and how we are supposed to act.

For those who are struggling with the conflict dumped on us by social media norm distortions, here are some mental health resources: Get Started ( – This website is able to reach you to an online counselor, so that you can talk about exactly what you are struggling with.  Eating Disorder Hotlines – Eating Disorder Recovery Specialists ( – This page provides you with a 24/7 hopeline phone number for those in crisis. Often, people with an ED will feel so bad about themselves that they start harming themselves. Systems of Care / Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services – This website will help you find a therapist/counselor in Virginia based on your exact needs.