The Immigrant Story

What is the real situation for those people who want to become American citizens?

The Statue of Liberty is a symbol to many of the welcome immigrants are meant to receive here in the “land of opportunity.”

There are many different stereo-types about people immigrating illegally to the U.S, former president Donald trump implemented most of those. Some of those stereo-types were that immigrants, Mexican immigrants especially, immigrate illegally to “sell drugs” “promote violence” and “steal jobs”, when in reality all most of them want is to be able to live a peaceful, happy life, away from violence, threats and negligence from their governments.

The process to legally becoming a U.S citizen is a long one and takes many years, which most people don’t have. A lot of the people immigrating to the U.S do it, not because they want to, but because they know that they will live a more stable life here. Many people judge them for making the choice to immigrate illegally, but most don’t have the time, or money to do it the legal way. Most immigrants living in the U.S work the jobs that many people wouldn’t do, even if they can’t find a job, they still find a way to make money, whether that be selling food, personal belongings, clothing, and many different other things.

Being able to live a stable life in the U.S is the dream of many immigrants, though they left everything they’ve ever known and come to a country where they don’t know how to speak the main language, most are happy that they’re able to provide a life and a good future for their children, and keep their families away from violence that most are fleeing from. To be able to live “The American dream” is the goal of many immigrants.