Secret Magic Control Agency

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The Secret Magic Control Agency is written by Analisa LaBianco, Vladimir Nikolaev, Jeffery spencer, Aleksey Tsitsilin, and Alexey zamyslov. The movie was directed by Aleksey Tsitsilin. Sylvana Joyce is the voice of Gretel. Gretel is the sister of Hansel and she is an agent at the Secret Magic Control Agency. Nicholas Corda is the voice of Hansel. Hansel is the brother of Gretel and he is a con artist, he pretends to be a wizard. Erica Schroeder is the voice of Ilvira. Ilvira is the witch of the gingerbread house. Marc Thompson plays as the king.

The movie starts out in a Kingdom and the King is about to eat but he gets kidnapped by food enchanted by dark magic. All magic is controlled by the Secret Magic Control Agency. In a few days it’s the king’s birthday so the prime minister decides to keep the king abduction a secret from the people and only the agency knows about the king’s abduction. The agency puts Agent Gretel on the investigation.

Ilvira is forced feeding the king with enchanted cookies to make him fall in love with her.

Agent Gretel follows the ringmaster thinking he is the one who kidnapped the king. Once agent Gretel confronts the ringmaster she finds that he didn’t kidnap the king instead he abducted magical creatures. She sets the magical creatures free and the mermaid gives agent Gretel her necklace for setting her free. And she also collects a feather from a phoenix bird as the bird flies out of the cage.

Since chasing down the ringmaster was a dead end she is assigned to get her brother named Hansel. She catches him and brings him back to the agency and as her and her brother argue, agent stepmother hires Hansel to work with Gretel to find the king. Gretel doesn’t agree because her brother is a thieve and a con artist but agent stepmother believes with both of their skills they will find the missing king.

Gretel and Hansel go to a local pastry shop that has a hidden pastry storage behind the fireplace. They find a bunch of baked good with magic and Gretel find a magic potion room that has many potions and a enchanted vanilla extract that the baker used to bake the pastries. Hansel and Gretel are accidently turned into children from one of the potions and they find out Baba Yaga made the potion that turned them into children so Gretel wants to go visit her and ask how to turn them back to adults.

The Lake witch thinks Hansel and Gretel are Ilvira spies to come steal her special vanilla.

Baba Yaga is also rumored to eat children. They visit Baba Yaga and she puts a sleeping spell on Gretel because she ate the cookie but Hansel didn’t she quickly tells Hansel what he needs to get to wake her up and she falls asleep. Once they escaped from Baba Yaga’s they learned that the vanilla extract comes from the swamplands. They find out mermaids live in the Swamplands.


The Queen of the mermaids named the Lake Witch and when she sees Hansel and Gretel she thinks they are spies from Ilvira. Ilvira is the witch of the gingerbread house and she was the former chef of the king. The Lake Witch’s daughter noticed that Gretel is the one who saved her from the Ringmaster because she gave Gretel her necklace as a gift.

Ilvira made the big ball out of dough and added the special vanilla so he can come to life and attack Hansel and Gretel.

The Lake Witch and her daughter show them around and they saw they the mermaids have imprisoned Ilvira’s goons. The cookie goons speak gibberish so they can’t ask the cookies where Ilvira is. Gretel sets the goons free so she can follow them to where Ilvira place is. The cookies lead Hansel and Gretel to Ilvira’s secret gingerbread house and they find the king but Ilvira has been feeding the king magic cookies infused with a love potion to force the king to marry her. The king refused to leave with them and yells for Ilvira.


Ilvira captures Hansel and Gretel and throws them in the oven. Gretel and Hansel start arguing and Gretel says she is disappointed in her brother for becoming a con artist and Hansel was upset that Gretel puts her job as a secret agent before her family. Hansel finally tells Gretel that while their parents taught them to be honest their jobs as agents for secret magic control agency did not pay enough for a career for Gretel so Hansel gave up on being an agent to pay Gretel’s tuition and he told her that it was a scholarship from the king. Gretel then apologizes and they both forgive each other and plan a way out of the oven.


Ilvira has the king under a love spell and they are about to get married so she can become Queen.

They escape out of the oven and prepare an antidote. They pour some magic vanilla on a dragon statue and it comes to life. They head to the kingdom to stop Ilvira from marrying the king. Everyone and the king are under Ilvira and Gretel give the king the antidote but the marriage is sealed before they could stop her. Gretel plans on putting the rest of the antidote in the cookie making machine but Ilvira threatens on throwing Hansel in the cookie making machine in exchange for the antidote.

Once Ilvira gets the antidote she throws both of them into the cookie making machine. Hansel remembers he stole a gadget from the S.M.C.A. They escape and get the antidote back and throws Ilvira in the cookie making machine and she gets blasted into the air. They saved the king and Kingdom and Gretel is given the title of the best agent and Hansel is given an official license to perform magic but he refuses it since he doesn’t have real magic. Gretel invites Hansel to work with her as her partner.