Opinon: Seeking information in a conscious way is critical

There’s more to being informed than reading an Instagram post


Photo by Jaredd Craig on Unsplash

14 percent of people admitting that they have deliberately shared a fake political news story online

In the digital age of media reading seems to be a dying pastime and this is a contributing factor to the decline in world awareness we are seeing in today’s young people. While at first glance it may seem like an inconsequential change it is starting a disturbing trend of people becoming sucked into their phones and less and less aware of the people and the world around them.

On average, people have 7.6 social media accounts

While some may argue that that because of social media people are becoming more aware of issues in the world this is a mistaken conclusion. While users of social media areĀ  learning about world topics it is only on a surface level, with most Instagram new sources having a one sentence headline with a bit of commentary in the caption. This lack of depth on topics continues across the internet causes people to feel that they are educated or have a knowledge of a topic when in actuality they know very little. This can be dangerous with topics like social justice where activism is required and people can easily share an Instagram post or catchy hashtag and they then feel like they helped contribute to solving this problem when they have done very little. This performative activism is by no means intentional but goes to show how crucial reading actually is. When someone takes the initiative to go to a bookstore or library or even online to a news source, they are delving into a much larger depth of knowledge that completely enriches their world.

By utilizing lengthier informational sources like books, audiobooks or articles, you are truly educating yourself on a valuable and important level. When you go to a library there are a vast numbers of benefits that no website or social media app can replicate. At a library one of the most valuable resources is the librarians, who are able to give book recommendations, direct you towards information, and help you with pretty much anything you need. Through seeking information in a conscious way you