Spain’s Vibrant Culture

Spain contacts France at the north boarder and Portugal on it’s East Boarder.

If you are interested in visiting  a cultural power house with a great night life, Spain might be the country you have been looking for! Spain is a beautiful country with a great wine culture and night life, and has everything from bull fights to flamenco dances for you to immerse yourself in Spain’s culture. I will talk to you about some of the cultural differences for when you visit Spain so you are prepared,  and how to have fun while you are there. Spain is almost four thousand miles from Richmond, Virginia. It is located east of Portugal and south of France, so depending on how adventures you are you could visit a couple more countries while you are across the Atlantic Ocean.

Petit family shops like this one in Madrid, Spain are often closed for a small periods of time during the day.

The average American drinks one to two cups of coffee a day. In Spain, it is not abnormal to have up to five cups of coffee a day due to their huge coffee, wine, and beer culture. If you are eight years or older you will not have to miss out on their wine or beer culture because the legal drinking age is eighteen. When you visit after the pandemic is over, you better get out of the pandemic mind set because you will be greeting people with cheek kisses. Stores are normally open from 10am.-8pm., and small family owned stores are closed from 1:30-5:30 during the day. Personal space is not a concern for Spaniards so do not be nervous about getting in others personal space or them getting in yours. Lastly, prepare yourself for many people smoking on the streets. There is no shame about smoking in Spain people just simply respect other’s decisions and move on.

This beautiful beach is located in a Puntilla beach on La Gomera, Spain. This beach is one of many with beautiful water and scenery.

Now that you know about some of the differences between the United States and Spain, I will tell you how to have fun! If you are eighteen or older you will not want to miss the night life. There are tapas, night clubs, bars, and discos that will keep you busy until the sun rises. Do not worry though, Spain is also great for family trips! To have truly visited Spain, you must watch a bull fight while you are there. Cuisine will be an important part of your visit, so do not be afraid to push your boundaries and try new food. Some great Spanish dishes to try are paellas, chorizos, croquettes, pardon peppers, and many more. There are also many amazing things to visit like Mount Teide, an active volcano with a cable car, Puerto Banus, a beach with clear water, you could visit many of the cathedrals and much more. There are also basic tourist attractions like theme parks and historic places around the country.

Spain is like in all inclusive resort. There are beautiful beaches, amazing food, endless wine, a great nightlife, it is family friendly, and there is so much more! Hopefully if you go after reading this article, I have saved you from some culture shock. As vaccines continue to be distributed, I hope that all of us can soon experience new places and new cultures!