Italy: A Traveler’s Paradise

Home of Food, Views, and history


The Coliseum is one of Italy’s most iconic landmarks and was once the hub of Rome

Collections of ruins such as these are commonly spaced throughout Rome and often have free tours offered

Italy has long been a traveler’s paradise, and after a year and a half of no travel it is sure to become booming once again and it’s not hard to imagine why. One of Italy’s most well known attractions is its food. From Margaretta Pizza Napoli style, Gnocchi, Risotto, and seafood pasta galore Italy has impeccable carb heavy food for everyone. Well Italy has delicious food across the board, your best bet for knock your socks off flavor is to try regional specialties- Pizza in Naples, Prosciutto from San Daniele, Parmigiano Reggiano from Emilia Romagna, the possibilities of delicacies are endless. When going for food in Italy keep in mind that they are similar in practice to Spain with stores closing in the early afternoon and opening in the evening, so peak dinner time is around 8/9 at night. Also be wary of touristy spots especially in Rome if you want cheap good food follow the locals not the crowds. Also make sure that when you dine you do not leave a full tip as they are union workers and paid as such, it is however polite that you leave one or two euros as a polite form to grab a drink after work.

Tuscany hillsides are not only home to small wonderful towns full of character, but have incredible views.

Another one of Italy’s draws is it’s centuries old culture. Go and see sights such as Rome the heart of the once largest empire of the Mediterranean, Pompeii and Herculaneum the infamous towns preserved in time, Vatican City with it’s unique collections of Art and historical significance, Venice the once trade capital of the world, and many more. If you only have time for one historical stop head for Rome with so many sights there you could spend weeks there alone. When in Rome you will see the modern city has been built right on top of the ancient one so it is not uncommon to find a portion of centuries old wall in your hotel room, or to hear the construction on a new building has been halted so they can do some archeology work. If you want to tour the Vatican make sure to book a tour as this is the only way to get into to any area other than the chapel.

Napoli Pizza is some of the earliest pizza made as well as the most delicious, served with dollops of cheese fresh Basil and chunky tomatoes its as fresh as you get.

Italy may have excellent food and history, but one of the biggest pulls is it’s jaw-droppingly gorgeous scenery. While there are many tourist hotspots like the Amalfi coast and for good reason, but some of the most wonderful ones are the little known- the Tuscan countryside, the vineyards in the country, and winding streets of the cities. you cannot go wrong with anywhere you go it’s all incredible. Make sure to make time for the small hill towns off the beaten path that are well worth your time. If you are able to get out of the city and look to rent one of the old villas in the country with friends and have the vacation of a lifetime.