The Italian Dream

Seeming almost too good to be true, Italy is place that you too can visit and enjoy


Photo by Jack Ward on Unsplash

Italy is an incredibly diverse landsacape and also has more volcanoes than any other country in Europe.

It is almost difficult to find a place to eat in Italy without some sort of beautiful view.

Ah Italy! A country filled with history, food, and beauty wherever you happen to be. While being a very popular tourist destination it continues to live up to the standards set by hopeful  first-time tourists and experienced travelers alike. Whether you go to the busy city of Rome or head to the coast to enjoy the sea breeze at Amalfi, Italy is guaranteed to wine and dine you until you need to be rolled back onto your plane.

Italy is incredibly well known for it’s history. History can be found wherever you go in Italy but the well known hub is of course Rome. While most tourist hit the classic historic sites in Rome (the Colosseum, Trevi fountain etc.) most don’t go and visit the catacombs found in Roman churches. While some might be a bit apprehensive at first, I know I was, it is so incredibly interesting to go and see the chandeliers and walls that are completely covered and made out of bones. It is a great way to beat the heat for awhile and entrance is just a few Euros. Another great way to see the city and avoid traffic is to go on a walking tour. This is great for the budget friendly way to see the city and popular destinations without having to deal with the high prices of a tour group. Last but not least make sure to head to Vatican City located in Rome to view not only what is considered the worlds smallest country but you will get to walk where the pop has resided for hundreds of years.

Taking time to simply wander through hill towns allows you to truly absorb where you are visiting

The country of Italy is world renowned for it’s cuisine but you might be surprised to see that many dishes are very different from the Americanized version here in the U.S. If you are a pizza lover you can got to Naples and visit the first pizzeria and get a nice margarita pizza but you will definitely need silverware. Napoleon style pizza is different in the amount of sauce used in the pizza, It is almost like a tomato sauce soup with drops of cheese and it is truly one of a kind. Anywhere you go in Italy you will be sure to find a place to get Gelato at every street corner. Make sure to budget in a daily gelato in the afternoon that can help refresh you and your travelling companions after a long day of sightseeing. If you want to see a truly mouthwatering series I highly recommend watch Stanley Tucci’s Searching for Italy.

While planning your trip don’t overlook Italian hill towns. You can easily rent a car from the airport and see a totally new side of Italy. The small hill town of Spello offers sights and especially smells like no other. Well known for their lemon soaps there are streets where it is sold outside and it is so incredibly fragrant that it makes the entire street smell like lemons. Don’t miss out on going to the region of Umbria. Well known for their handmade pottery, there are countless numbers of stores you can go visit to watch the process of the molding of the clay and the painting as well to get wonderful souvenirs.

Wherever you decide to go in Italy know that you will have  truly joyful and once in a lifetime experience that will make memories for years to come.