Anxiety Tips

Phoenix Allred
Panic Attacks can happen anywhere at anytime.

The world is spinning, the air in the room is thick, the body gives up, and the heart is beating fast. This is a panic attack. It can be triggered when a person feels unsafe and the body goes into shock.  The National Institute of Mental Health reports that anxiety affects 18.1% of adults, which is about 40 million people between the ages 18-54 years of age; approximately 30 percent of the rest of the nation has been diagnosed yet many people don’t seek help or are misdiagnosed.  Here are some tips to help with people who have Generalized or Severe Anxiety.

1.If the person is having a panic attack.

If the person is breathing heavily, then take them a

Phoenix Allred
Panic attacks makes the person enclosed with their own mind.

way from tight spaces and let them have some time alone to feel better.

  1. Do something you love.

If you are starting to have a panic attack, then do what you love to distract you. If you love to sing, try humming a song you know or If you love dancing, dance how you.


Sometimes, just writing in a journal can help. This can make people feel better because it gets fears thoughts and powerful feelings off your chest.

  1. Talk to someone

If you’re comfortable, you can go talk to a therapist or an adult. If you have a close friend that has been there through thick and thin, talk to them. Close friends can give advice and won’t judge you. Also sharing what triggers you so they can be prepared to help if one happens.

  1. Snuggle something

Snuggle a blanket or your close friend. If you have something soft, grab it, holding something safe it can help you calm down.

6.Call a help line

Having social anxiety may mean it’s terrifying to make phone calls, let alone talk to people, but calling a health line in your state or country can help. If it’s really too much or see if they have a text line! Anxiety Hot Line USA” there are many helpful lines that are 24 hours.

7.Do Your Best to Accept That You Can’t Control Everything.

Having no control makes people feel worthless. If there’s something not in your control, just step away or just let it go.

  1. Take Deep breaths and Imagine a Safe Place

When you have a panic attack, do not take short fast breaths, that can make you pass out. Take your time, take slow deep breaths, and imagine you are in a happy place. For example, a warm summer’s day or a winter wonderland.

  1. Walk around

If you can this will be a big help; if you can get up and walk around, take the beautiful scenery that is around you, get your focus off yourself and out to a larger perspective.

  1. Be Humorous and Maintain a Positive Attitude

This is hard for most people who have severe anxiety, but try to make a joke or two to lighten the mood.