Scenery In Sweden

Sweden is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes known to man. The ski slopes and century old towns are destined to enlighten you.

The land in Sweden almost seems surreal, everywhere you go you see amazing places. It makes want to take it all in. The places, the people, the culture are all amazing.

The land in Sweden almost seems surreal, everywhere you go you see amazing places. It makes want to take it all in. The places, the people, the culture are all amazing.

There might be thousands of regular moose roaming the forest’s in Sweden but the nation is also known for its “white moose”. They are not albino like some animals that appear to be all white, but their genetic code is what makes them this way. The defect in it’s genetics make it grow a white brown that covers the whole body including antlers.

Sweden has some of the most untouched natural beauty in the world. Lush green fields , architecture from over 200 years ago, and the communities and people there are amazing. In Sweden there are close to 30 national parks and around 15% of the land there is protected as a nature conservation. Not all of the wonders of the nation come from its amazing outdoors. Along the countryside these towns that resemble fairytales reside. Sweden is an amazing place and is one of the world leaders in happiness, you don’t make that list for no reason.

According to the Swedish Nomad 2/3 of the land in Sweden is covered by forest. Lush shrubs and grasses cover the land to endless sight. And the trees tower over you everywhere you go. One interesting fact about the country is it has just about 400,000 wild moose roaming its land. These beautiful creatures have been there for hundreds of years and just add to the serenity of the whole country. Being able to see the land here might just be bucket list worthy there are plenty of hiking trails and places to go with your family to just enjoy life and take it all in.

The Sami Culture has been in Jokkmokk for hundreds of years, reindeer racing has become increasingly popular in the town and people love to come watch it from all over the world during the winter market. Also temperatures in the double negative. The market is all about learning about the native people called the Sami, you get to taste cool foods and even see some reindeer up close. Another cool place to visit is the Town of Visby, it is said to be a medieval Viking town. The buildings there made of 100 year old cedar. These are just some of the cool places to see.

On top of all the natural landscapes there are wonderful little towns that are just delightful. In the town of Jokkmokk you can enjoy yourself with their festive winter market and you can learn about the native people there. One pretty cool thing to do is to watch reindeer racing. During the winter market there can be loads of snow

The slopes and mountain ranges in Sweden are gorgeous, but a lot of them are overlooked and used to skiing which is a very popular thing to do in Sweden. In “Are” there are a bunch of slopes to spend time on and have some fun. You can also see the Areskutan which is the worlds greatest vertical drop there are sky rides that help you enjoy the full reality of the moment. Another interesting place is the Kosterhavet Marine National Park. According to the park is home to the highest concentration of marine life in Sweden, during the summer you are able to swim and snorkel with the aquatic animals.

Skiing in Sweden’s massive slopes are a great way to spend time and have fun while taking in the scenery in Sweden. The ski resorts in “Are” are amazing and you are sure to get a warm welcome wherever you go.

Overall the nation is a lot more than just the nature and the parks. Sweden’s culture thrives on being polite and caring for each other. The people in the nation love to care and work for each other, there are low hour work weeks so family’s can spend more time together. Sweden is an amazing country with a vast Varity of things to do and see, from sports, to nature, to the marine life. These things make the country so special and truly beautiful.