The Beauty of Bulgaria

Bulgaria has many unique characteristics that make it special. From their culture to their economy, Bulgaria does things a little differently from the traditional American way.


The first Sunday of June is when the Rose festival takes place every year. This woman is wearing the traditional costumes where she sings, does folk dances, and picks roses with her peers.

A country located on the eastern side of the Balkan Peninsula, Bulgaria holds the title for being the oldest country in Europe. In addition, Bulgaria is also known for their diverse landscape that ranges from mountains to plains to rivers. Bulgaria differs greatly from the traditional American way when it comes to their culture. Their unique traditions, override the old age of the country with a great amount of beauty.

This beautiful image is from the Rezovo river in southeast Bulgaria. This river is attracted by many to capture flawless pictures of the historical place and to get a nice refreshing getaway.

Cultural traditions and customs are vital for the people of Bulgaria. The main influence of their culture is the Eastern Orthodox Church, which is the second-largest Christian Church in the world. The many traditions such as those of the Thracian, Slavic and Bulgar peoples, are the main root of Bulgaria’s culture. Many of the traditions that Bulgarians inherit would be considered abnormal in America. Some of these include nodding your head for no and shaking it for yes (the opposite of us), the appropriate attire for men are pants, shirts, and vests and dresses and aprons for women, and celebrating the love for wine on Valentine’s Day. Many customs in Bulgaria go back generations, if not centuries, such as the Thracian fire dancing.  This unique dance is recognized as an an Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Bulgaria is classified as a upper-middle income country and is part of the European Union and World Trade Organization. The main segments of their economy are tourism, mining, and construction. After World War II Bulgaria’s economy made a slow recovery. During the 1990’s, their prices hit high values and the numbers of unemployment rose. However, since the beginning of the 21st century, Bulgaria’s economy has improved greatly and is still on an upward trend.

Bulgaria’s flag goes beyond the three-colored stripes you see. The white stripe represents freedom, peace, and love that Bulgarian’s obtain. The green stripe stands for the agricultural wealth which makes the country so magnificent. Lastly, the red stripe represents their military courage and independence.

Bulgaria has a parliamentary representative democratic republic led by a Prime Minister who is head of the government, and a President who is head of state. Bulgaria has a multi-party system where no one party has more power than the others. Just like the United States, Bulgaria has created a Constitution which is the supreme law, with amendments added to it. Society in Bulgaria is very different to America. For example, there are two shifts for school: morning or evening shift. Also, there are three classes in Bulgarian society: the peasants, the chorbadzhiyski, and the esnafi.

Bulgaria is an ancient, beautiful country. They have breathtaking landscapes, unique culture, a growing economy, and a rich heritage. Each day, they are growing to become the best country they can be and to rebuild what has been lost. These are the set characteristics that truly shows the world the beauty of Bulgaria.