The Poet’s Corner


By Rawpixel Ltd - Vintage quill pen illustration, CC BY 2.0,

Vintage Victorian style quill pen engraving. Original from the British Library. Digitally enhanced by rawpixel.

This column is a new addition to our offerings at the Lafayette Ledger.  During this time of pandemic and uncertainty, we feel it is important to encourage self-expression in every creative form.  For this reason, we are introducting “The Poets’ Corner,” a column where LHS students can see their poetry published.  Submissions are welcome from everyone.  Simply email the newspaper adviser at [email protected] with inquiries.

Our first featured poem comes from Freshman Alexis King, who has written about her experience with online school.


Behind the screen 

Behind the Screen is where we all are but did you ever consider it that far

Being behind a screen has been quite a ride but do you really know how people feel inside

No one can tell if you laugh or cry or even respond with a simple sigh

We all look for answers left and right, but everyone is too afraid and, in a fright, 

Behind the screen no one can see how you are really meant to be

Behind the screen we can all hide in fear and pray that covid does not come near

Behind the screen it feels like we are screaming from afar, but no one can tell how you are

We always feel safe and strong until everything in our life is wrong

Days and months and weeks pass by where others are unaware of your cry 

Behind the screen we want to share our expression, but this has instead resulted in depression

Life can be short as we all know but students go before it even shows

People may think the screen is doing something good, but it is leaving the students misunderstood. 

Behind the screen is where we all are but now you see it has gone too far