What COVID-19 did to Soccer for Me

I’ve always loved playing soccer. Covid-19 robbed me of one of my favorite things.

Soccer is my favorite sport beside basketball and football. This is because it’s mostly all about kicking a ball, as simple as that.  Most sports it take a lot of practice. In football, for example, you have to know about every little rule in the game:  how to pass, block, fake and throw the ball, in addition to the basics of the game. You have to know when to pass, how far to throw the ball also you have to fight the wind to get the ball to the goal.  For soccer you mostly just pass and score: simple!

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of soccer’s all-time greatest players.

I also have soccer heroes.  A famous soccer player, Cristiano Ronaldo, is one of the best in the world. He is so good that he has played for five teams during his career:  Sporting CP, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Juventus.  He’s won trophies and the admiration of soccer fans around the world.

Before the corona virus came, my brother and my friends and I use to play soccer every single day. We played it at school and at home.  We played in almost any weather, and there were plenty of pretty-good players among us. Some times when there were not a lot of kids we just practiced kicking the ball at the goal and and blocking the ball, rotating who did what and taking turns. We also passed the ball randomly to each other. My brother and I use to play soccer for are school but most of the time we came to the game late, so we had to play against 6th graders when we were in 5th grade.  No matter what, we still had a great time.

When the pandemic came it changed a lot of things. School closed and at first we thought that would be great, but suddenly everyone had to stay inside so there was no chance to go out side and play. Every one just went on the internet and played games, and my love for soccer took a big hit. I started to dislike soccer a bit more as the days went by, and I started to play video games more often. And my eyes started to not see very well because I started to stay on the internet more.

Soccer can be played anywhere, any time, with any number of players!

Things were better when I could play soccer every day.  I hope those times come back soon.

We are starting to play soccer again but since it been so long since we kick a ball it is going to be pretty hard to be as good as we were back then. And now when we go outside we barely see any kids outside that want to play soccer. We are slowly but gradually playing soccer like we use to. Some time when we are lucky we have some kids to play some games until the end of the day. So far the pandemic is sill going and we can play some more soccer nowadays and get more chances to play with more kids. I hope that we can continue to play the sport we love and maybe play some real games in the future. For now I am just happy that I can se my friends face to face and play games.