Tom and Jerry Movie

Tom and Jerry is a wonderful movie to watch with your family and friends.


Tom and Jerry: The Movie came out in 2021. The movie follows the story of Jerry the mouse, who wants to find a new home. Tom the cat wants to become the best pianist and he plays in the Central Park. While Tom the cat is playing the piano in Central Park, Jerry sees Tom and notices that he is getting money for playing the piano and wants money for himself. Jerry starts dancing and catches everyone’s attention and the people start cheering and giving Jerry the mouse money. Tom notices and get mad and tries to stop him but ends of breaking his piano and starts chasing Jerry. Jerry gets away and goes into a hotel.

Kayla and Tom are hired to catch Jerry the mouse because the hotel will lose new customers if the word got out that the Royal Gate Hotel has a mouse.

Jerry finds his new home In the Royal Gate hotel.  Kayla is a young girl trying to find a job after being fired from her old job. She steals a resume and uses as her own on accident and get a job as an event manager for the big wedding at the hotel. Kayla is staying at the hotel while she is wo rking as an event manager. Jerry continues to steal food and things for his new home. Kayla’s new manager introduces her to the other employees and shows her around the hotel.

The wedding couple, Peeta Mehta and Ben and their dog Spike and cat arrive to the hotel and Jerry steals some things off of Peeta Mehta purse. Jerry is noticed by the kitchen staff and they freak out so Kayla is secreting hired to get rid of Jerry the mouse. While Tom is outside of the hotel in the rain he notices that Jerry is inside and warm. Tom tries to go inside the hotel and when he finally goes inside he relaxes and notices Jerry and starts fighting and making loud noise. Kayla go to check the room Tom and Jerry are in because there is noise complaints and when she comes in she sees the room is a mess and finds out that Tom is also trying to catch the mouse.

Cameron becomes Kayla’s friend at the Royal Gate hotel.

Kayla and Tom make a deal to catch Jerry: Tom will get rewarded and he will able to buy a new piano. Tom tries multiple ways to catch Jerry but failed so he creates the best mice trap to catch Jerry. Peeta Mehta notices that she lost her ring that Jerry stole from her purse and tells Kayla to see is she can help find the ring. Tom catches Jerry with his mouse trap and sends him away in a box. When Kayla finds out Tom got rid of Jerry the mouse, Kayla and Tom celebrate with Kayla’s new work friend Cameron. Jerry comes back to the hotel and shows Kayla that he has Peeta’s engagement ring and wants to make a deal. Jerry will give the ring the Kayla if he can stay at the hotel.

Kayla’s manager Terence comes back to the hotel from walking Spike and sees that the mouse and still in the hotel and spike the dog sees the mouse and chases him and causes thousands of dollars of mess. Terence the manager is put on leave because the owner thinks that he is going crazy and blaming Kayla for the mouse and the cat having a job in the hotel. The owner counts on Kayla to help pull off this wedding without Terence. Kayla talks to Tom and Jerry and tells them that they have to get along. Kayla makes a deal with Tom and Jerry if they get along for a day spending time together they get to stay at the hotel. The groom of the wedding gets elephants for the wedding because he wants to impress Peeta’s father and Peeta doesn’t want to hurt ben feelings because she thinks the wedding will be a disaster.

Terence sneaks in Tom the cat so Tom and Jerry can cause a mess and it will be blamed on Kayla.

Tom and Jerry get caught by pet control while they were spending the day together. Terence goes to the animal control center and integrates both Tom and Jerry and he tells them that he can only take one back to the hotel. Terence and Tom sneak back in the hotel. The is on and Ben is continuing to try to impress Peeta’s father. The wedding starts out very beautiful and good but Terence tricks Tom and Jerry and he bring Jerry to the wedding too so Tom and Jerry can ruin the wedding and it would be blamed on Kayla. The elephants sees Jerry the mouse and get scared and start to make a mess and ruin the wedding.

Terence talks the the owner and claimed that Kayla did all of the mess and that she is not she she said she was. Kayla gets fired and leaves the hotel. Peeta cancels the wedding and give Ben the engagement ring. Terence gets his job back and kicks Tom out and breaks his promise about letting him live in the hotel. kayla runs into her friend Cameron from the hotel and tom and Jerry are there too trying to explain to Kayla that they should go back to the hotel and try to fix the wedding. Kayla comes back to the hotel and talks to Ben about recreating a wedding that Peeta would like. Kayla and Ben come up with a plan and Tom and Jerry are sent to get Peeta’s cat so Peeta can follow them to the Central Park where the new wedding will be. Kayla talks to Peeta and Peeta decides to have the wedding. They all enjoyed the wedding and Kayla gets her job back at the hotel and she introduces the girl she stole the resume from and she also gets hired at the hotel. The movie ends with Tom and Jerry becoming rivals again.

The story of Tom and Jerry was written by Kevin Costello and the movie was directed by Tim story and produced by Chris Defaria. The live action roles were by Chole Grace Moretz, Michael Pena, Colin Jost, Rob Delaney and Ken Jeong. William Hanna, Mel Blanc, June foray were the voices of the cartoon characters.

Tom and Jerry was released on February 26, 2021 and also released on HBO Max for one month. The movie is making the highest grossing film of 2021 with about 67 million worldwide.