Spring,summer fashion trends.

What changes in the fashion industry during spring and summer.

Photo by Henri Lajarrige Lombard on Unsplash

Spring is very important to the fashion industry, in fact ,it helps it bloom!

Ana Britton
Walking down the runway the models wear spring and summer trends.

Fashion is constantly changing, there are new trends for every upcoming season. This upcoming spring and summer, the spring trends for women are most likely going to be printed shorts and skirts, statement trousers, cling Appeal (body-con style dresses and clothing that hugs your skin), fun sleeves, vintage style clothing, and monochromatic looks. Some summer trends are midriff flossing, floaty maxi dresses, sheer styles, cape detailing, cut-outs and more! A lot of older styles are being brought back and modernized to fit in today’s world.

I interviewed my mom, Valerie Britton, and asked her some questions about what she thinks about seeing some trends from her younger years being brought back. I asked her “ Have you noticed some of the styles out now are similar to the ones you have wore before?” she answered “ Yes I have,  I used to wear ripped jeans, baggy jeans, scrunchies, and hairstyles that I see kids wearing around everywhere now I also wore when I was younger. I asked “Do you like seeing styles like that  again or do you think its strange?” she answered “Styles always come and go and reappear again, I don’t think its weird I think its kind of fun, it brings back some memories.”

Ana Britton
Hangers are waiting for fashion to bring them life.

Then I thought about the men’s trends. Men’s fashion isn’t as popular as women’s but it’s not less important. In the fashion world some designers and companies work in only women’s fashion or only men’s. But some write about or design both like Vouge or Prada. Research shows that bomber jackets, workwear, pastel colors, laid back suits, kimono style, bright colors, baggier pant pockets, neon, knitwear, tracksuits, floral, slide shoes, tucking in, and minimalism will be popular this spring and summer. One thing about fashion that I really like is how inclusive it can be, it doesn’t matter what style you have or what preferences you have, as unique you want your look to be or just super laid back and simple. Its all at the end of the day considered fashion. Its such a wide community with large history that is constantly changing along with the people and trends in it.

In the early days women’s spring and summer clothing used to look a lot different than it does now.

Fun flowers around Williamsburg show spring and summer are on their way.

For example, in the 1900s they would wear fancy hats, long skirts and dresses, gloves, decorative trimmings, decorative lace, pearls ruching and tulle, ruffles, pleats, pin tucks, beaded embroidery, tassel fringes, and braided cords of passmenterie (elaborate applied trimming) and just overall more fuller more dramatic/famine styles. As the years went on culture started to change along with the circumstances. Before world war II women were never seen in any sort of pant, but when all the men went into war they had to adapt to their situations. Most had to take over the men’s jobs while they were away. Not long after they very soon found out that big poufy dresses weren’t practical anymore and so women started wearing trousers. After the war styles were rapidly evolving into shorter more practical styles, more similar to the ones we see today. Its crazy how styles change with time and even come back again.