Texas Blackouts

Late winter disaster struck out of the blue, leaving most of Texas in the dark


Jessica Bredman

My other Becket, who is 5 years old. This was his First time seeing snow and he loves it!

Texas is know as being one of the hotter states in the U.S, It’s definitely a shocker to hear about snow in the Lone Star State. On average there was around 2-5 inches across all of Texas, that was the first snow since February of 2011 in northern Texas. All of this snow came at a surprise to the Texas residents, grocery stores sold out, pipes breaking in homes, pools freezing over, and much more. Texas among other states are not equipped for that type of weather, that goes to show when homes in Texas are running without heat.

Texas has been going through this crisis for around 1 month, imagine a whole month with no heat and lack of food. In Virginia drivers suck when snow is on the ground, I can’t even imagine how bad the Texas driver, Some of them have probably never seen snow in their life. Across the whole state there have been a grand but sad total of 80 deaths from the effects the Texas snowstorm. Looking on the bright said, kids get to go sledding for their first time maybe even go ice skating. Parents might not have had a lot of fun, but the kids definitely made the most of it.

This winter storm has racked up 18 billions dollars worth of damages throughout the entire state of Texas. Thousands of people left freezing for over 40 hours with little food and help. During the first couple days of the storm grids went out over Texas leaving millions without power, days later as the power came back pipes starting busting, leaving freezing water all over households and businesses.

I was able to interview Mrs. Bredman and Dr. Bredman who live in Texas and experienced this crazy disaster. They have lived in Texas for around 4 years, and this is the first time anything like this has happened. Mrs. Bredman said, “We lived in Pittsburg for 9 years so we are pretty used to the snow, but Texas itself wasn’t and that made it hard for everyone.” They also have two children, Harper and Becket.  They were excited to play in the snow but hated being cold in their house. Dr. Bredman was not too thrilled about this storm.  “This whole storm messed up my entire work schedule,” he said.   “Being a doctor, it’s hard to do that from home.” It seems like it was hard on everyone, even if they were used to the cold and snowy weather.

As a kid all you want is to have a snow day and miss school, and in Texas that got just that. The only problem was that a lot of parents couldn’t go out and work, but I bet the kids were so happy to be able to go out and play in the snow with their friends. Now as the days went on and a lot of families were still without power, the kids and parents would all start to get tired of this. Eventually everybody just wanted their normal lives back, not only are they stuck in freezing homes but there is also a pandemic going on.

Hopefully next time a crazy winter storm happens Texas is a little more prepared, because most snowy states are ready and used to the snow storms. A lot of states build their houses to be able to deal with the snow but for Texas it was a lot different, as the storm hit power went out across the state leaving millions freezing in their homes. Then the next problem hit: the house couldn’t even handle the freezing weather, therefore pipes broke in homes, causing leaks and ruining some homes.

In conclusion, the state of Texas definitely had a strange experience, but there’s a lot everybody can learn from it. Cities can prepare better and families can do the same, get extra food, blankets, water, batteries, fire wood, etc. Even the people who were used to the snow were hit pretty hard, it goes to show how tough this blackout was for everyone. Now adults can go back to work and kids can go back to school and see their friends. Texas and its residents will have a much better plan and will be ready for another storm.