Falcon and The Winter Soldier

Boom or Bust?

Sebastian Stan is the actor who plays the Winter Soldier. He started this role with the movie Captain America: The First Avenger as Captain America’s best friend Bucky Barnes.

Following the death of Black Widow, Iron Man, and Captain America, Marvel needs new heroes and they need them now.  Now, new heroes are hard to think of, every hero you could possibly imagine from Squirrel Girl to 3D Man is already taken Marvel is running out of ideas.  So why not try to use minor heroes from previous movies and make them main heroes of their own show?  That is exactly what they are doing with the upcoming marvel show called Falcon and The Winter Soldier has a budget of $150 million US dollars continuing the story after Thanos.  The show will be available on Disney+ starting as soon as March 19th and a new episode will air every Friday after that date.

Anthony Mackie is the Falcon and he was first seen in the movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he is a retired EXO-7 “Falcon” Pilot.

This show is expected to be six episodes, but Marvel studios and Disney could Release bonus episodes or even have cameos from other actors.  The two main characters of the show will be The Falcon, played by Anthony Mackie and the Winter Soldier, played by Sebastian Stan.  Many great people have come together to perfect the making of this show including Derek Kolstad who is known for his famous John Wick movie series.  According to an article on Collider.com, Kolsad believes that using these secondary characters as primary characters for a show will make them seem “cooler.”  The show will be filmed in the Czech republic, filming in foreign countries is very common among Marvel movies.  Filming in the Czech republic will tie in well with the Slovakian based “bad guys” of the franchise the Sokovians.

Bringing these characters into the spotlight is going to give us a deeper understanding of how important they are to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  These characters already have some background, with the Winter Soldier being Captain America’s childhood friend and the Falcon being a retired wingsuit pilot, but not much more information about these characters has been released.  Many people are still debating on whether falcon deserved Captain America’s shield more than Bucky, but the reason for this to happen was simply due to the fact that Bucky was a perfect soldier , and Sam “The Falcon” Wilson was a good man just like Steve Rogers.

New connections are being brought upon us including the person behind the name “noobmaster69” who had a cameo in end game while playing a game online with Korg.  Noobmaster69 has been thought to be Deadpool, but new evidence has risen that it could be Wong, Dr. Strange’s assistant.  This Easter egg may be finally revealed in the Falcon and the Winter Soldier but also may be kept a secret for a later date.  The show will be a comical side of the characters and prove once again that Marvel can indeed make funny content.