Black lives Matter vs. Police Brutality

You can’t say all lives matter if black lives don’t…


Lying on the cement ground as George Floyd did when he died, protesters fight for justice of all of the lives lost to police brutality.

Each and every one of us is unique and different no matter the skin tone. Everyone wants to be treated with justice and equality.

What is being black? If you give your all just to be pushed down by people who love you. They painted a picture of the people they wanted but were mistaken about what they got. We tried to change but they laughed when we fell. So they painted a new picture over the old to hide disappointment. They still weren’t satisfied, so here we stand disfigured into this ugly creature. That they painted us out to be, the thing is we aren’t disfigured. We might have scratches and broken hears but what kings and queens don’t. You don’t get jewels for no pain. So what is being black you ask? Being black is getting the jewels on your crown you deserve. Then getting up and using the hate they give and use it for love. America is mad at black people for saying, ”Black lives matter,” but they shouldn’t have to say it all.

Black lives matter is a decentralized political and social movement protesting against incidents of police brutality and all racially motivated violence against black people. The movement and its organizations typically advocate against police violence towards black people as well as for various for the other policy changes considered to be related to social justice.

Many peaceful protests took place in Williamsburg, Virginia during the summer of 2020. Protesters got on the ground in honor of George Floyd, a victim of police brutality.

Many of the racist people in America are ignorant and too biased in their own opinions.  They won’t take the time to educate themselves on what the problem really is. In America it is extremely hard for African Americans to go out and do what other races can do. Police brutality is something that has been a problem for several decades now and that leads back to the segregation times. Peaceful Black Lives Matter protests shouldn’t turn into police attacking protesters simply because they believe “All Lives Matter.” When we say that Black lives matter, we aren’t saying all other lives don’t. But all lives can’t matter until black lives matter too. Lauren Adam, a cheerleader at LHS agrees; she said, “Yes, I believe that every individual life does matter. But if every life matters then why do people act like one group of lives doesn’t? It makes no sense and that’s why I support BLM.” Police automatically target black citizens and for what? There have been many cases where African American lives have been taken by police simply because they are Black. If George Floyd had been White, he would’ve been put into custody peacefully. That’s called White privilege. Yes, Black citizens in America have every right that a White person does on paper, but the way that they get treated as if they don’t, is not fair.

Black history project
Black History month is for all people to celebrate the impact the world has had on African Americans. Their culture is celebrated mainly throughout America and other places worldwide.

Black people are the largest percentage of Americans being victimized by police brutality. When you’re Black you might feel different in America. You have a target on your back your whole life. John pastor, a resident of South Carolina, has offered his opinion on what it is to be black in America. He said, “It’s part of me but I won’t let it define who I am. I still love being black, being black is different  and I love it.”

Some people hate the BLM protests. Ms.Ruffin who lives in Hampton VA, said, “It takes changes to make a difference and maybe by black protests that will stop the police brutality. Black people feel different about police brutality. Some are mad while some are sad.”

Wanda Lewis, a family member of a student at LHS, has a few opinions on the topic too.  “We have always been pushed down because the color of our skin. We just kind of got out of the civils right movement not to long ago. The police cameras that are attached to police vest are often tampered with which doesn’t show what really happened.”

BLM protests are attended by a wide variety of ethnic groups, showing the beautiful diversity of America.

Some people question how police brutality can affect you if you’re not getting hurt? Well, those people are the problem.

If you don’t feel bad for families who have been effected like Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Treyvon martin and more. If one of your friends, family members or even a peer at school was violently killed by a police, would you expect people to not have empathy for you? Yes, being Black in America is hard but it makes you unique. There are many hardships that come with it but all that everyone can wish for is to have equality one day.

Some Americans are mad at supporters of the BLM movement. Imagine how hard it is for the people living in America who just want to be accepted for who they are, no matter if they are African American, White, Asian, Hispanic, Native Hawaiian, Native American, or any of our 643 other ethnic groups that MATTER.